Kirk & Kirk release Matt CENTENA

It is over a hundred years since Sidney and Percy Kirk set up Kirk Brothers and started an optical dynasty that continues to invigorate the industry. The Centena collection celebrates that legacy, with the first-ever collection to be hand-made from 10mm acrylic.

There are ten shapes and ten colors ranging from Tiger to Royal, launched recently at 100% Optical in London and will be available to view again at MIDO in Milan, February 29- March 3rd, and in The Loft in New York City, March 26-29, a new collection of Matt Centena frames bringing a totally new dimension to the collection.

With four shapes, Horace, Sam, Eden, and Ezra, in five colors; Matt Black, Matt Tortoise, Cherry, Cosmic and Forest, the frames introduce a new metal double bridge, a radical departure for Kirk & Kirk.

In true Kirk style, each of the frames is named after a member of the Kirk family. The Matt Centena frames offer a chunky retro feel, sitting beautifully within the collection, with its unique Kirk & Kirk sand-blasted finish. The matting process is done by hand to ensure an even finish. Each frame is hand-crafted from start to finish in one factory in France. Over eighty steps are required to create each pair.

Why do Kirk & Kirk use acrylic?

There are a number of benefits to using acrylic but the most noticeable is its incredible lightweight compared to other frame materials making it extremely comfortable to wear. Using acrylic also allows us to create our own palette that you will not find in any other collection.

Celebrity sightings – Both the Centena and Kaleidoscope collections have already been spotted on two big names in 2020. Robert Downey Jr has been seen wearing Cecil in Jade, Victor in both Apple and Purple as well as Carter in Spectrum. British actor Nicholas Pinnock, star of the soon to be released, For Life, was snapped on the red carpet wearing
Percy in Stone.