KLiiK Fall Collection

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Custom design elements and a rich color palette are some of the elements that highlight the KLiiK denmark collection for Fall 2019. Inspired by Scandinavian design and key fashion influences, the new models create a subtle, minimalistic look for men and women requiring a narrow fit and with a strong sense of style.

For the ladies, three new styles featuring exclusive patterns and design details are released this fall.

K-651 by KLiiK

Style K-651 is a semi-rimless frame with a snakeskin pattern digitally printed on the browline and temples. The forked end pieces complete the look.

K-658 by KLiiK

With a modified oval shape, stainless steel style K-658 stands out with angular corners that create a geometric effect.

K-659 by KLiiK

A handmade patterned acetate with water colored effect on the top rim is combined with a translucent acetate on the bottom in style K-659. The modified square shape is highlighted by eye-catching hues of desert sand, teal mist, teal lilac and organic green.

For men, one new style featuring minimalistic design for a classic look is released this fall.

K-655 by KLiiK

Style K-655 is a rounded square shape frame featuring the front in translucent crystal acetate that is matched with a darker hued temple. Metal end pieces with stylized hinges add the finishing touch.

The new KLiiK denmark collection includes three unisex styles that combine the most current shapes with color options perfect for both men and women.

K-657 by KLiiK

Style K-657 is a modified round shape in handmade acetate customized with a metal bar above the bridge. The keyhole bridge creates a vintage feel to this style and is finished with metal inlays at the end pieces.

K-660 by KLiiKDouble the rim, double the bar, double the color and double the fun! Made in stainless-steel and nickel silver, styles K-660 and K-661 in navigator and aviator shapes also feature two-tone colorations with shine and matte finishing on the front. Both are ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight for added comfort.

K-661 by KLiiK

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