Know Your COVID-19 Risk

COVID-19, the coronavirus we’ve all had to deal with much of this year won’t be going away anytime soon. Yet, most of us are searching for some sense of normality amidst the worse pandemic in a century. Do we go here? May we go there? Is this safe? Why is this other activity not?

So far it seems there are a few constants that are helping to set our agendas. Outside activities are far safer than indoor activities. It is much safer to eat outside a restaurant than inside. It is much safer to be near people outside than it is inside. Inside air is recirculated. The fresh air of being outdoors seems to dilute the concentration of the virus. That helps explain why caronavirus has spread far faster in bars and restaurants than in the street protests of last month.

Wearing masks when around people is now being proven a much safer option that we all can easily adopt. I ventured into a Target last night and this one woman was with her family, all of whom were wearing masks except the woman. While I tend to keep 10 feet from most people, the 2nd time she coughed without a mask and without covering her mouth, was my invitation to make a wide and rapid arc to depart the store.

Which brings me back to what is safe and what is not. The Texas Medical Association released this risk graph to help up all understand our risk factors.  We are sharing it here to today in the hopes we are helping to keep all our readers safe.

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