KOMONO – Metamorphosis Or The Art Of Transformation

Befitting these turbulent times, KOMONO renews its creative vision and explores radical new design propositions, leaving behind ubiquitous notions of identity and are reimagining our future.

KOMONO believes that the change represents progress and development. It causes us to improve and helps to transform our current environment. The ever-progressing integration of sustainable practices, both in the design as in the broader culture, is reflected within this season’s novelty and reworking of our timeless classics.

KOMONO Rex Poppy

With its inspired style, surprising color palette, and forward-thinking aesthetic, KOMONO has succeeded in pushing limits for over ten years. Founded in 2009 in Belgium by ex-professional snowboarders Anton Janssens and Raf Maes, KOMONO breaks convention and offers a fresh, new proposition. Be it sunglasses, sunglasses accessories, opticals, watches or even ski masks, KOMONO embraces the experimental and proposes a glimpse of the future into the here and now.

KOMONO Lee Wisteria
KOMONO Matt Bronze

Deeply rooted within the Antwerp fashion environment, renowned for its distinct, radical vision, KOMONO renders the avant-garde accessible and affordable. Its boundary-breaking designs have been worn by some of the world’s most recognizable faces and are stocked by an impressive number of high-profile concept stores, department stores and independent opticians, and fashion boutiques. Available in over 80 countries, KOMONO is a truly global brand, yet embraces the individual at every step. For more information about KOMONO, please visit www.komono.com