Komono Snow Collection 2020/21

Even in winter, we can now enjoy the sun! Whether you are planning to do some high altitude activities or are just going out for a city walk, Komono’s newly launched SNOW collection provides you with the needed protection for low winter light. Komono’s SNOW collection is specifically designed to optimize your eyesight during bright winter days.


Komono Dylan Snow

Its ice blue revo coated polarized lenses filter any harmful sun rays and protect against reflections from bright surfaces such as snow or ice. Combined with a crystal clear frame, the glasses have a sharp, clean look that will uplift any winter outfit.

Komono Kiki Snow

Discover now three of your favorite styles in this special edition: the  Bob, Dylan, and Kiki. Every frame comes with a neoprene cord and quilted pouch, made from recycled materials, to keep your sunglasses safe and warm.

Komono Bob Snow


For more information about KOMONO, please visit www.komono.com

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