KOMONO Unveils Collaboration With Marcel Sommer

KOMONO Marcel Sommer Collection Sunglass

KOMONO, the Antwerp-based eyewear and accessories brand, proudly announces the launch of the second chapter in its collaborative journey with Marcel Sommer, a distinguished alumnus of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp. Following the success of their initial collaboration for Sommer’s graduation collection, this new chapter sees the transformation of visionary designs into a collection that embraces wider accessibility.

In this exciting continuation, KOMONO introduces a refined interpretation of Marcel Sommer’s master collection sunglasses, infusing them with a more commercial flair. The collaboration marks a celebration of the designer’s evolution beyond the academic realm, presenting eyewear that is both artistically captivating and readily accessible to a broader audience.

KOM-X77990 Komono X Marcel

Marcel Sommer’s “AFTER[MA]TH” collection envisions the evolution of humans into a superhuman species, exploring the idea of brain-chip connections for dominance. It portrays a disrupted world, balancing hardcore and sensitive elements. Inspired by Brutalism and light installations, the sunglasses feature strict lines merging into elegant curves. The harmonious form and color palette create a sculptural aesthetic, representing the futuristic atmosphere of the collection.

KOM-X77990 Komono X Marcel

The KOMONO x Marcel Sommer collection is a testament to the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining the intersection of art and fashion.

Marcel Sommer Portrait
Marcel Sommer



KOMONO is a fashion and optical brand from Antwerp that pioneered accessible luxury and continuously keeps pushing boundaries by capturing the culture of today.

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