La Dolce Vita: Velvet Sunwear From Italy

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A name that tells a story: La Dolce Vita, sunglasses and optical eyewear of exquisite quality which draws inspiration from Italy’s particular version of the ‘swinging sixties.

Velvet Eyewear in Blue
Velvet Eyewear in Blue

Enthusiasm, beauty, creativity and art are indeed the keywords of the collection and of the 2012 established eyewear company. Conceived by brothers Alberto and Larry Sordi who made the typical Italian lifestyle their trademark.  “Our company is fruit of a dream and a family story”, explains Larry, the creative member of the family. “We have eyewear and fashion in our DNA”. A grandfather who worked for years in the eyewear industry and a grandmother who used to design and tailor fashionable garments certainly contributed to shaping the two brother’s creative mindset. “Every day we fight our own personal battle to give a voice to the Italian style through our collection”.

Velvet Eyewear
Velvet Eyewear in Purple

Velvet eyewear- Close up

An eyewear range created by the hands of skilled craftsmen are available in acetate with a special velvet finish.  The acetate sun and optical collection (Mazzucchelli) is made up of items of vintage inspiration, rich in style and personality, with a predominance of more rounded shapes.

The cutting edge of the product range is represented by the Velluto (Velvet) collection, whose manufacturing process contemplates an electro-deposition technique borrowed from the interior design sector.  “And finished off in a furnace”, adds Larry. “Thanks to this technique, the velvet fibres fall perpendicularly onto the surface of the frame, ensuring greater adherence and an aesthetically perfect result. The acetate ground is not polished but “scratched” to allow the fibre to adhere more easily to its surface for a result that lasts even longer”. The adhesive substances used are naturally non-allergenic and of the highest quality.  The women’s diva style cat-eye models are available in black, midnight blue, purple and brown.

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