Launching Longines

In collaboration with Marcolin Group, Longines has created a collection of optical and sun eyewear for men and women. Developed in accordance with the strictest quality criteria and careful attention to detail, this new range captures the brand’s aesthetic and technical know-how to offer performance-oriented, elegant products reflective of its timepieces.

Longines is launching a collection of optical frames and sunglasses for men and women, inspired by the brand’s traditional values. The eyewear models mirror the diversity and compliment the Swiss company’s collection of timepieces, fully incorporating its expertise.

Made using the best materials and the highest quality glass, these products reflect the very essence of the winged hourglass brand, which has collaborated with Marcolin Group, one of the worldwide leading companies in the eyewear industry, to create this new range.

Longines’ creations incorporate multiple elements of style echoing its timepieces and craftsmanship expertise. The sunglasses are categorised into three segments: “Classic” characterized by timeless elegance, “Heritage” inspired by the brand’s rich history, and “Sport” defined by a continuous quest for innovation and performance.

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