Leisure Society by Shane Baum presents Life: In Full Bloom


Heirloom eyewear design house, Leisure Society by Shane Baum, announces their latest campaign, Life: In Full Bloom, by celebrating a new awakening from a life of isolation. Leisure Society campaigns have historically encaptured escapism, seeking reprieve from the daily intensity of societies digitally over-connected culture, but this film and campaign is the opposite. Life: In Full Bloom is a tad dark leading to surreal reemergence to our previous norms of fashionable human interaction.  The short film feels isolated at moments, yet colorful and formally elegant. The campaign concludes with a cross-cultural dream sequence that challenges the mind’s ability to process reality as we enter a new world order of health, love, and prosperity.

The new releases are designed with the utmost ornamentation, timeless aesthetic, and sustainable construction to last a lifetime. Designer Shane Baum features two pure titanium frame styles called the Corsair and Dorian Gray. The Corsair, named after Lord Byron’s poem “The Corsair,” is built with the finest heirloom-quality materials. Handcrafted in Japan out of 100% pure titanium, this frame features a round and timeless lens shape paired with the Leisure Society signature ‘Horizicon’ detail pressed on the bridge. Available in various color combinations, the frames are all ion-plated in 12k, 18k, 18k rose gold, or 24k gold and are complimented with matte-finish enamel. Notable is the 24k coloration that is left without enamel on the frame front to reveal the 24k plating on the titanium and is combined with their patented 24k Gold mirrored lenses for a seamless radiance.

Leisure Society AvalonII

Created with innovative Japanese manufacturing techniques and designs with a timeless aesthetic charm is the second highlighted style called the Dorian Gray. This rectangular shape is named after another notable Dandy, Oscar Wilde, and his novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Styled for the modern sophisticate, the Dorian Gray combines a soft-edged rectangular silhouette with a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge in a pure block titanium construction.

Additionally, a new thoughtful and elegant offering in this collection are the various tint lenses. Baum picked the color variations for the daydreamer wearer to add a touch of individuality and personal expression to their Leisure Society frame. The fantasy palette includes Teal, Peach, and Yellow tinted lenses which have been added as options to the Bandini and Presidio styles.

Leisure Society Lugano

The new styles are available in select retail stores and specialty eyewear boutiques like: A’maree’s (Newport Beach), Luxe Optique (New York), Just One Eye (Los Angeles), Cynthia Benjamin (Montecito & Los Angeles), Opticien Createur (Monaco), Montage Hotels (Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach), Van Wely Roosendaal (Netherlands), Trend Optic (Melbourne), Gloss Optic (Seoul), and Lionel Devillers (Belgium).

About Leisure Society by Shane Baum :

Leisure Society by Shane Baum is a Californian luxury brand with an international perspective. Each product is created under the principle of heirloom design and handcrafted in Japan out of the finest materials available with the intention of lasting indefinitely. Shane Baum is a CFDA member (Council of Fashion Designers of America) and a renowned innovator in the world of eyewear design and manufacturing; his knowledge and experience shows in each pair of glasses with the Leisure Society by Shane Baum name.

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