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IOT and Younger Optics announce, “Work & Play”

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IOT and Younger Optics are excited to announce their “Work & Play” Summer Promotion, designed to help Eye Care Professionals drive multi-pair sales and enhance customer loyalty during the summer months. The promotion, running from July through September, offers the perfect lenses for every moment of the day, combining the exceptional performance of Camber™ Steady Plus lenses with the added convenience of Endless Office lenses.

When ECPs order Camber Steady Plus lenses for their patients, they can offer a pair of Endless Office lenses in polycarbonate or plastic 1.50 absolutely free! This exciting offer allows patients to enjoy optimal visual clarity and comfort for both work-related tasks and leisure activities throughout the summer season.

How the Promotion Works

  • Participating laboratories offer 1 pair of Endless Office lenses in polycarbonate or plastic 1.50 with the purchase of each Camber Steady Plus progressive lens.
  • ECPs offer the lenses to customers at no additional charge and will benefit from the sale of a second frame and any lens add-ons.
  • Patients receive a comprehensive visual solution tailored to their specific needs.
  • This program is void where prohibited.

This summer promotion presents a unique opportunity for ECPs to differentiate themselves in the market and provide their customers with a comprehensive and value-driven solution. By offering two premium lens options in a single package, ECPs can build stronger relationships with their customers and increase their overall sales during the peak summer season.

“We are thrilled to introduce the ‘Work & Play’ Summer Promotion, which empowers ECPs to offer the perfect combination of lenses for a variety of activities throughout the summer months,” said Tina Lahti VP of Sales – Designs at IOT. “This promotion not only supports ECPs in growing their businesses but also ensures that their customers receive the best possible visual experience.”

To help ECPs communicate this exciting promotion to their customers, IOT America has developed a variety of marketing materials, including social media assets and ready-to-use flyers. These resources will enable ECPs to quickly and effectively spread the word about the “Work & Play” Summer Promotion and attract new customers.

Getting Started

To take advantage of the “Work & Play” Summer Promotion and access the available marketing materials, ECPs can contact their preferred laboratories listed on the Camber Lenses website: https://camberlens.com/labs or reach out to IOT at contact@iotamerica.com.

This program is void where prohibited and not valid with other offers.

About IOT

IOT, headquartered in California and Spain, has been a pioneer in the ophthalmic lens industry since 2005. With over 15 years of experience, IOT is a leading provider of technologies and services for the ophthalmic industry, including digital lens designs, photochromics, and more. IOT’s operations span three research centers and produce 35 million lenses annually, reaching over 400 partners in 70 countries.

IOT commits to the highest technological standards and offers comprehensive support, from lens design to market strategy. Its facilities in Torrance, CA, and Madrid, Spain, feature advanced labs for research and development, including its main innovation center in Madrid and a specialized Photochromic Innovation Center in Torrance. These centers focus on advancing manufacturing technologies and photochromic lens testing, respectively.

IOT is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the ophthalmic industry, ensuring its partners worldwide receive unparalleled products and support.

About Younger Optics

Headquartered in Torrance, California, Younger Optics is the world’s largest independent ophthalmic lens manufacturer. Younger Optics is a privately held company with a tradition dating back to 1955. And that independence allows them to prioritize the long-term needs of their customers. Younger Optics prides itself on being “The Easiest Company to Do Business With.”

Camber is a trademark of Younger Mfg, Co.


Shamir Glacier Expression™ more available than ever

man in car wearing Shamir Glacier Expression lenses


Shamir remains committed to delivering top-tier products incorporating state-of-the-art technology. In February 2022, Shamir introduced Shamir Glacier Expression™, an anti-reflective coating to offer a leading-edge solution that significantly reduces glare for your patients. Upon high demand, you can now order Shamir Glacier Expression™ in 1.67!

Glacier Expression™ advanced formula not only enhances visual acuity but also facilitates better interpersonal connections by reducing distracting glares from light, digital screens, and other visual background elements. Glacier Expression™ provides an optimal solution with a range of features and benefits for them to Look Better, See Better, Feel Better and Connect Better.

Features & Benefits of Glacier Expression™:

  • High quality, scratch resistance & outstanding glare reduction formula.
  • Look Better: Improved aesthetics and reduces up to 70% MORE reflection than leading AR coatings.
  • See Better: Improved contrast sensitivity and light transmittance for the clearest, sharpest possible vision.
  • Feel Better: Enjoy comfortable vision with minimized visual background noise using signal-to-noise technology built into the AR coating.
  • Connect Better: Builds trust and better communication.

Shamir introduces Glacier Sun™ on all Designs

couple wearing Shamir Glacier Sun lenses


Shamir is excited to share Glacier Sun™ available on all designs! Shamir Glacier Sun™ is an advanced achromatic coating that ensures enhanced lens protection and minimized glare due to its industry-leading AR technologies. In addition to the advanced AR protection that makes Glacier Sun™ so great, it also has high durability and scratch resistance. It’s also easy to keep clean due to the coating’s high resistance to water, stains, grease, and fingerprints.

Shamir Glacier Sun™’s anti-reflective properties help deliver perfectly clear, bloom-free vision and keep reflected sunlight from bouncing off the rear of the lens surface and back into the eyes. Glacier Sun™ does not interfere with the sun lenses’ chosen hue and helps prevent their color from fading. Its antistatic, hydrophobic, and oleophobic properties make it easy to keep lenses clean and ensure extraordinary scratch resistance and durability. And since it’s been developed for sun lenses, it’ll be great with all types of frames, including fashion and sport! Glacier Sun™ is available on all Shamir designs, materials 1.50, 1.53, 1.59, 1.67, and the following colors/treatments: Transitions® Gens™, Xtractive® and Polarized™.


Features & Benefits:

  • Achromatic
  • Fade Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Oleophobic
  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-Static
  • Easy to Clean


About Shamir Insight Inc.

Shamir Insight, Inc., USA (San Diego, CA), designs and manufactures premium progressive lenses and molds for the ophthalmic industry. Serving as the Sales & Marketing center for the USA. Shamir Insight, Inc., USA specializes in the marketing of premium progressive lenses, anti-reflective coatings and innovative technologies under product brand names such as Shamir Glacier Expression, Shamir Premium Single Vision Lenses Autograph Intelligence, Shamir Autograph III®, Shamir Autograph II+®, Shamir InTouch, Shamir Spectrum+, Shamir Glacier PLUS, Shamir Glacier PLUS Metaform, Shamir FirstPAL, Shamir Golf, Shamir Relax, Shamir Attitude III® SV, Shamir Duo, Shamir Computer and Shamir WorkSpace, Shamir Attitude® III Fashion, Shamir Attitude® III Sport, Shamir Genesis HD, Shamir Autograph III SV, Shamir Spectrum SV.


HOYA Lens Efficacy, Customer Service, and Value Preferred Most by ECPs

man and woman wearing eyeglasses with HOYA lenses (logo)


Ophthalmic lens technology leader HOYA Vision Care North America announced new data from a recent surveyamong eye care professionals (ECPs). Based on their direct responses, independent practices perceive HOYA as a champion among the top lens manufacturers, with proven results in lens designs, AR treatments, and photochromic lenses compared to others in the industry.

The nationwide survey of over 800 independent eye care professionals spanned multiple business areas, including product satisfaction, customer service, manufacturing labs, loyalty program rewards, benefiting ECPs’ businesses, and patient satisfaction.

“In support of HOYA’s mission to improve life through vision, we must champion our customers while providing innovative lens technologies backed by superior customer service,” said Eduardo Martins, President of HOYA Vision Care, North America. “HOYA’s recent investments in numerous new lens technologies and exceptional lab services demonstrate our commitment and elevate our brand as a trusted partner. Further, our Visionary Alliance™ loyalty program supports customers as they navigate the current economy, and the rebates help them invest in their practice, reward staff, and deliver valuable savings to their patients.”

Key findings from the survey:

  • 95% of ECPs dispensing HOYA’s Super HiVision® EX3™ or EX3+™ were satisfied with its performance
  • 93% of ECPs dispensing HOYA’s MySV™, iD LifeStyle® 3, and iD MyStyle® 2 were satisfied with their performance
  • 92% of ECPs dispensing HOYA’s Sensity® lenses were satisfied with its performance
  • HOYA’s Super HiVision Meiryo® EX4™ had the highest ECP net promoter score of any lens product surveyed

Between July 1 and September 30, 2024, new and current Visionary Alliance™ members can receive extra rebates of up to $15 per order on top of current rebates offered by HOYA. ECPs who wish to participate but aren’t currently members can enroll in the program without commitments or contracts.

“As a trusted partner, it is critical that we carefully track underlying consumer trends and react accordingly to support the success of ECPs, especially when we hear consumers are cutting back in some communities,” said Matt Pope, Senior Marketing Director at HOYA Vision Care, North America. “We believe these additional rebates will help practices’ bottom lines and help patients continue to get top quality.”

The offer applies to iD LifeStyle® 4 and MySV™ lenses combined with HOYA’s Super HiVision Meiryo® EX4™ coating and Sensity® Family of photochromics. Schedule a discussion with a HOYA Business Consultant through go.hoyavision.com/. Full terms and conditions can be found on the Visionary Alliance website.

HOYA 2024 Brand Tracker Study – Report of Findings among third-party independent US ECPs, n=805. Asked to rate satisfaction with HOYA’s brand, products, labs, and market perceptions.


About HOYA Vision Care

As a global leader in optical technology, HOYA Vision Care is dedicated to providing innovative vision care solutions for every stage of a patient’s life. A steadfast partner to Eye Care Professionals around the world, it stands at the forefront of optical excellence. With a global presence of 43 laboratories and a growing team of 20,000 employees, HOYA Vision Care delivers innovative lenses and other vision care solutions to millions of people in 110 countries.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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