Life Italia

Created to meet the needs of children and their parents, the Life Italia Kids eyewear collection offers great styling, unsurpassed durability, and a comfortable fit for kids aged 3 to 14 years old.

Featuring an innovative hinge called the Multi-Flex, Life Italia delivers fashion and function with 11 models for boys and girls. Designed and produced in Italy, the Multi-Flex hinge is constructed from medical rubber and can flex 270 degrees and jump back to its original position, offering unparalleled flexibility and durability. The result is safe, strong, functional eyewear with less need for replacement of broken temples. Medical rubber on the temples is sweat resistant and provides flexibility, strength, and high performance with a pleasant soft-touch feel yet strong enough to withstand prolonged use.

NI13024115C by Life Italia

For younger children, styles NI-130 (41-15-115) and NI-132 (43-13-115) feature a medical rubber front creating a soft, comfortable feeling. Style NI-130 is a round shape with a two-tone color effect on the temples and ribbed hinges, available in tonal hues of pink fuchsia, purple, and sky blue. Style NI-132 is a softened rectangle with color-blocked temples and ribbed hinges available in rose fuchsia, aqua red, sky blue.

NI13314313C by Life Italia

Styles NI-131 (42-14-115) and NI-133 (43-13-115) feature a translucent grilamid front to complement the two-tone temples and ribbed hinges as the finishing touch. Style NI-131 is a modified round available in tonal hues of rose fuchsia, pink, and blue red while NI-133 is a modified rectangle available in pink lemon, rose fuchsia, and aqua blue. All four styles have a dropped bridge to ensure the proper fit for young children with underdeveloped nasal features.

NI1364813125 by Life Italia

For older children, styles NI-136 (48-13-125), NI-137 (50-16-125) and NI-138 (48-15-125) feature a square shape with a semi-translucent grilamid front in a matte finish. The dual-tone hues continue onto the temples and ribbed hinges for a finishing touch. Style NI-136 is available in rose fuchsia, fuchsia violet and navy aqua. Style NI-137 is available in grey blue, purple, and blue. Style NI-138 is available in royal blue, grey blue, and purple. Sizes range from 48-50.

NI14154814C by Life Italia

For girls, style NI-141 (48-14-125) is a soft, feminine cat-eye. The translucent grilamid front compliments the two-tone medical rubber temples and ribbed hinges. Available colors include purple, rose, and teal.

JF90245118C by Life Italia

JF-901 (48-16-135) and JF-902 (51-18-135) are the perfect styles for active teens. The square shape is modern and on-trend, while the matte finish front pairs well with the dual injection rubber temples. JF-901 is available in grey, blue, and purple. Geared towards boys, JF-902 is offered in black blue, grey, and blue.

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