#listday: Eleven Eyewear Books For Book Lovers Day

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and it struck me that one of ways that eyecare professionals can compete against online retailers is educating them via books, primarily through images. Having a few historical eyewear books in the reception room and talking about the historical significence and quality of the eyewear you offer might be a good thing. Telling a story about what you offer might open a dialogue and engage the consumer.

We put together a list of great historical eyewear books that are perfect for any eyecare office. For listing of books for Kids wearing eyeglasses, check out our Pinterest Board: Books Worth Reading . The description of the books is edited from Amazon.

Fashions in Eyeglasses by Richard Corson
Fashions in Eyeglasses by Richard Corson

2.) Eyeglasses, monocles, lorgnettes, sunglasses, and elaborate cases from around the world fill the pages of this elegant volume. The repertoire of fine curios includes iron-wire specs used by Austrian troops in WWI, 18th-century spectacles that curved over the head and under the wig of courtiers, and hinged-frame 15th-century horn glasses worn by early scholars. 122 full-color images.Eyewear: Gli Occhiali

Eyewear-Gil Occhiali
Eyewear by Gil Occhiali

3.) Examples of eyewear from the sevententh century to the present are shown in over 600 color photos and explained in an engaging text. Bifocals, monocles, pince-nez, fanciful and safety styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses appear, along with some price estimates. Eyeglass Retrospective: Where Fashion Meets Science (Schiffer Book for Designers & Collectors)

Eyeglass Retropssective
Eyeglass Retrospective

4.) Eyewear designer Moss Lipow scoured eBay, auction houses, garage sales, and flea markets worldwide, amassing glasses and photographs for his renowned collection. This book traces eyewear’s journey over the past 500 years, and features examples from Lipow’s collection as well as pieces from eyewear collectors around the world.  Along with over 1000 images, there is history andancient texts, old catalogues, vintage magazines, and out-of-print publications Eyewear

Eyewear a Visual History

5.) This book is based on Simon Murray’s eyewear collection. An introduction explores the history of glasses and reveals how premodern features and materials remain a rich source of inspiration in contemporary design, from Andre Courreges’s “Lunettes Eskimo,” a twentieth-century take on Inuit goggles, to Gucci’s “Leather Aviators.” Examples of pre-twentieth-century glasses and contextual shots of film and style icons sporting spectacles illustrate not only the finest inventions and innovations of the past but also their evolution into the diverse, eclectic range of styles available today. Illustrated with specially commissioned photographs by Drew Gardner, this indispensable guide to eyewear will appeal to fashion designers, stylists, costume designers, and lovers of vintage. 274 illustrations, 261 in color. Fashion Spectacles, Spectacular Fashion: Eyewear Styles and Shapes from Vintage to 2020

Fashion Spectacles
Fashion Spectacles Spectacular Fashion

6.) This book offers a unique overview of spectacle design. More than a thousand models are depicted, from the earliest eyeglasses to the present day. Spectacles & Sunglasses (Pepin Press Design Books) by Pepin Press (2005) Paperback

Spectacle and Sunglasses
Spectacles and Sunglasses

7.) Collectible Eyeglasses presents eyewear from opera glasses to extreme sports goggles – and shows how thepractical became stylish to a trendy fashion collectible! The book is divided into sections on antique glasses, sunglasses, classics and contemporary designs as well as everyday frames and a very special section on unusual designs and whimsical frames. Over four hundred images with an introduction and a list of useful websites and addresses offer both collectors and lovers of vintage fashion. Collectible Eyeglasses (Collectibles)

Collectible Eyeglasses

8.) Spectacles is a book of original, beautiful, and outlandish eyeglasses. In this one-of-a-kind volume, nearly 200 gorgeous full-color photographs focus on eye-catching creations by noted designers and artists from around the world. Spectacles

Spectacles by Samuele Mazza

9.) Sunglasses: Celebrities wear them to blend in, some wear them to stand out. Either way, nothing else, except possibly the way one dances, tells you so much about who a person thinks they are than their choice of shades. 50 Shades is a hardback coffee table edition featuring 50 photographs of the last century’s most iconic figures in the coolest sunglasses of the age. From Jackie O to Debbie Harry, Steve McQueen to Marilyn Monroe, Andy Warhol to Brian Jones, Elvis Presley to Yves Saint Laurent, 50 Shades features stunning photography reproduced to the highest quality and text from leading fashion writer Lauren Goldstein Crowe. 50 Shades

5- Shades
50 Shades by Lauren Goldstein Crowe

10.) Cult Eyewear is the first book to give an account of the world’s top eyewear brands, from Ray-Ban to J.F. Rey, Persol to Polaroid, and from the 1780s to the present day. Neil Handley, an authority on the history of eyewear, selects more than 30 famous names that have enduring appeal and command a dedicated following, and discusses the history of each brand and its most iconic spectacles or sunglasses. The book also includes a concise illustrated introduction to the evolution of eyewear; innovative designs and historically important inventions; films and key personalities associated with particular designs or brands through the years; and other fascinating aspects of this global industry. Cult Eyewear: The World’s Enduring Classics

Cult Eyewear
Cult Eyewear by Neil Handley

11.) Quote from book: This book is a collection of (142 full color) artistic photographs from the 1950’s – 2000’s. As photographer I was not interested in showing the whole frame but rather images or impressions of the details of frames that become abstract pieces of photographic art…Forgotten Eyewear, Art of the Frame

Forgotton Eyewear
Forgotten Eyewear, Art of the Frame by Mark Jensen