Live Eyewear Issued US Patent for Flex2Fit

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Live Eyewear Issued United States Patent for Flex2Fit Temple Design

San Luis Obispo, CA – Live Eyewear, Inc., announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued utility patent number 7,878,647 for its eyeglass temple technology and manufacturing method. The temple technology, branded Flex2Fit®, provides the consumer even more benefits than preceding temple designs. Flex2Fit temples are featured on the company’s highly successful range of Cocoons® sunglasses. These sunglasses, specifically designed to be worn over prescription eyewear, continue to evolve and improve since the products initial introduction in 2002.

In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, the new Flex2Fit temple design is extremely strong. The newly patented manufacturing method automatically fuses a temple receiver to a secondary adjustable earpiece. The company says that the possibility of a temple receiver separating from the adjustable earpiece is virtually eliminated. The now seamless integration of these two components obsoletes the addition of cumbersome housings, designed to manually mate two separate temple pieces together during the assembly process. Live Eyewear felt that such a design was prone to human error, adversely affected the internal capacity and general comfort of a sunglass that is intended to be worn over a pair of glasses.

Dave Dean, Live Eyewear’s Vice President of Marketing commented, ʺOur Flex2Fit® temple has been a very successful core component of our Cocoons for many years. This new iteration has been embraced by the optical marketplace and most importantly, our Cocoons customers have demonstrated enthusiastic appreciation. Live Eyewear’s mantra has always been to lead by innovation, which is epitomized with the latest generation of Flex2Fit. Its introduction reinforces that commitment yet again. We’ve always proudly believed in the inherent and unique value of Flex2Fit®, but having the US Patent Office share in our opinion is as humbling as it is satisfying.”

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