LKC Technologies Launches Enhanced PhNR Protocol For Improved Glaucoma Testing

RETeval Device

In honor of Glaucoma Awareness Month, LKC Technologies is pleased to announce the release of an enhanced PhNR protocol for their RETeval® Device — the only truly portable full-field ERG non-mydriatic testing device that’s FDA cleared.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide. Early detection and ongoing tracking of glaucoma through typical means is often hampered by the subjectivity of perimetry and the indeterminacy of imaging, particularly in the presence of cataracts.

Electroretinographic testing of the Photopic Negative Response (PhNR) has long been established as an objective tool to assess retinal ganglion cell function to detect and track diseases like glaucoma.

This new protocol enhancement for the RETeval Device marks an important step in mitigating vision loss from glaucoma. The algorithm provides a 4-times improvement in test/retest variability and a normative reference range that’s 1.7-times narrower. The result is a more sensitive tool aiding in the detection of abnormal ganglion cell function.

Since its launch in 2014, The RETeval has been a game-changer for the practical use of ERG in a clinical setting. It is easy to use and comes with a large reference data set for straightforward interpretation. Furthermore, it requires no corneal contact, dilation, or anesthetics for most tests, including this new PhNR protocol. This protocol enhancement is therefore a significant development in the fight against glaucoma and other ganglion-related conditions.

As President of LKC Technologies, Jim Datovech puts it:

“This new algorithm provides clinicians with the results needed to unleash the power of PhNR in the clinical assessment of patients, particularly for glaucoma. We are proud to be making our mark by aiding detection options in a practical way for the fullest range of eye care professionals.”

LKC Technologies is celebrating this new protocol with the release of a short explanatory video about the technology, which can be viewed here.


With 45 years in the industry, LKC is transforming the accessibility of electroretinography testing in any office or clinic setting. From the full-function UTAS system to their remarkable handheld RETeval® device, LKC is committed to aiding in the preservation and treatment of sight throughout the world.

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