LOOK-Made in Italia – ALUMIX

The quest for excellence has gained a new face ‒ technology and design double up in the new Materika Alumix 70640 optical frame, LOOK-made in Italia’s most conceptual and technical brand.

Look 70640

The series includes four optical styles – 2 men’s and 2 women’s – that embody the design duo: the tactile and the intangible. Flawlessly engraved designs on the frame’s front call to mind everyday materials like stone, fabric or metal, allowing the surface structure to subtly emerge, almost like the threads in a fabric, or, to stand out more clearly.

Look 70641

The intangible aspect, however, is expressed through the use of color ‒ here, creativity is detached from the material realm to enter a virtual dimension where what matters are the shapes and surfaces highlighted by the contrast between light and shadow.

Look 70642

In this series, the hinge concept has undergone a radical revamp to make room for an exclusive, patented pivot system that delivers a soft, uniform sensation for an almost infinite number of movements.

Look 70643

The frames are made of Alumix, a special aluminum alloy developed in the company’s laboratories; its outstanding qualities ensure unparalleled lightness. Flexible, malleable and ecological, this completely recyclable and hypoallergenic material is ideal for crafting unique details and elegant surface textures.

All MATERIKA ALUMIX frames are traceable because they are developed, designed, and produced entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.


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