LOOKKINO – New Full NIL For 2023

LOOKKINO frames for kids for Spring Summer 2023

Four models, 1 boy, 1 girl, and 2 unisex completely in NIL (Natural Injection Light) – a state-of-the-art technopolymer whose particles are molded into the most unique and balanced shapes – for both the front and the temples.


LOOK presents a new milestone achieved by the world’s leading collection of premium kids’ frames LOOKKINO that can now offer an even better-performing product in terms of resistance and lightness to meet the demand for increasingly high-performance, durable, child-proof eyeglasses!


This is where the FULL NIL collection was born, leaving no room for critical points and sharp edges. Absolute research of visual well-being for the user and safety for the parent. A lively collection in color and elegant even in the most mature shades that concentrates size development in the smallest gauges with shapes that are always technical to allow the best possible work of the graduated lens.


The end pieces are always adjustable and can be shortened, as in the LOOKKINO tradition, to meet the most complex requirements in terms of size and distances between the support points of the worn frame. This important design work is the result of more than 25 years of specialization in the children’s segment.


All LOOKKINO frames are traceable because they are designed and manufactured entirely in Italy by LOOK in its own production center.

Look is an Italian industrial enterprise that designs and manufactures high-quality eyewear since 1978. Every Look frame is truly manufactured in Italy. Look has a quality that is superior and has unmistakable style thanks to the superb skill of Italian artisans: Look is elegant, chic, and easy to wear thanks to the dynamic nature of its lines. Look frames reflect style, and through them, you are able to see the beauty of the world in complete safety, while wearing a style that is unarguably Italian. Check them out at lookocchiali.it or visit their US Distributor, Villa Eyewear.

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