lool FW23 Collection Inspired By Contemporary Art

lool eyewear for Fall/Winter 2023 woman wearing a paid of lool eyeglasses

The new collection from lool, which is part of the Tectonic Series, is born with a clear purpose: to demonstrate that minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. Taking inspiration from this current in contemporary art, which seeks to express the essence of things, lool plays with form and color to turn each of the six new models into works of art for the senses.

Once again, lool showcases its expertise in this collection, consolidating its leadership in the ultralight frames segment and positioning itself as a reference in technology, color, and design. With this launch, the brand expands the Tectonic Series, a lightweight, comfortable, and functional collection with timeless designs that acquire their personality through the use of multiple colors designed to complement each person’s face, style, and identity.

6 new eyeglass models, 3 unisex, 2 for men, and 1 for women, for a minimalist and innovative collection.

lool Mount
lool Ionic
lool Mass
lool Metro
lool Miner
lool Span

About lool

If someone had to draw eyeglasses reduced to their essential expression, it would look like this: lool. Two vertical lines flanking two circles. From this impulse to seek the essential, lool eyewear emerges, the new brand from Etnia Eyewear Culture focused on comfort, lightness, technology, and design.

The project was born with the aim of creating the best screwless hinge on the market, thus achieving the construction of extremely lightweight, almost airy glasses, while still being highly resistant. Because there is nothing as beautiful as what is effective.

lool draws inspiration from contemporary architecture and constructs its glasses as if they were buildings, with all the complexity and precision that entails. Born from a 0.5 mm thick metal sheet with a minimum weight of only 4 g, lool glasses are a design marvel, designed to leave no marks and be worn throughout the day.

lightweight lool eyewear for fall/winter 2023

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