Lovely Lace Sunwear From Sama

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The LACE collection from Sama Eyewear is comprised of titanium metal cores and is finished with a variety of treatments and colors: shiny, gold, shiny silver, antique gold, shiny silver, antique gold, antique silver. The antique colors require the most amount of hand polishing to create the antique effect. The plastic color hues in addition add to the overall color effect. All cutting is done by computer controlled high density lasers. All lense are custom colors to harmonize with the metal and plastic specific frame colors.

Sama Lace eyewear-1

The is only one specialty factory capable of this process which has been developed specifically for these Sama products. All the plastics are original and ordered exclusively for these frames. The turquoise is a unique new color, along with several topaz hues. Karolina plastic front is produced from “block” plastics. The front features: Multi dimension cutting along with the most hand polishing needed to highlight the deep scallop angles. Each piece requires approximately 20 times more of the human touch or hand finishing. Each piece needs some 200 hand applications including hand polishing.


Sama Lace sunwear

“I was inspired by the ancient handiwork of French hand polishing and the multi-dimensional Japanese Zyl laminated Titanium process, with an au courant chic effect, to create this new pattern of stand out eyewear this season. “ – Sheila Vance, designer of LACE

Sama Lace sunwear

For more information please visit Sama’s website.

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