Lucyd Introduces Lyte Bluetooth E-glasses

Richard Sherman

Lucyd®, the smart eyewear, and wearable software developer, is proud to introduce the Lucyd Lyte™. The Lyte is tech-enhanced eyewear on par with designer, lightweight, fashion frames. The Lyte represents both the pinnacle of form factor for tech glasses and a technology evolution in the miniaturization of components. The e-glasses enable wearers to seamlessly play music, take phone calls and chat with their phone’s assistant while keeping their ears free and clear; a true co-connected experience via strategic open-ear technology. Lucyd is also in development of a voice-controlled app called Vyrb™, which will allow users to listen and respond to social media posts with their voice, without looking at their smartphones, and can be accessed via wearable tech like the Lyte.

Hi-fi Bluetooth® Audio

  • Rapid pairing with Bluetooth 5.0 and automatic reconnection. Automatically seeks connection when removed from charger.
  • Clear sound quality for calls, music and podcasts.
  • Open-ear audio for safe & aware listening

Intuitive Touch Controls

  • Answer calls, skip tracks, adjust volume, and use voice assistants like Siri® by tapping your glasses.
  • Access core smartphone functions handsfree while looking up and staying engaged with 25+ lens options.

Additional features

  • Custom lens fulfillment, including complex and difficult prescriptions, direct from Lucyd
  • IP56 Water Resistant (Splash-proof)
  • 6.5 hours of playback time
  • Featherlight fit at 1.25 oz.-1.45 oz.

“It’s not just about expanding our connection to technology, but quite the opposite, it’s really about connecting our technology to us,” said Harrison Gross, Lucyd cofounder and CEO. “The new Lucyd Lyte collection is affordable at $149 and will work seamlessly with our Vyrb application bringing true voice interaction to our social media interactions.”

Richard Sherman, star NFL cornerback, and Lucyd brand ambassador states, “I think everyone should be excited about Lucyd because it’s been a pioneer in the eyewear space, this technology’s transcendent. Lucyd is ahead of the curve.”

About Lucyd and Innovative Eyewear Inc.
Lucyd’s mission is to Upgrade your eyewear® with advanced ergonomic frames that are easy and fun to wear enhancing awareness to stay safely connected. The Lucyd brand is exclusively licensed to and operated by Innovative Eyewear, Inc.

To learn more, or order Lucyd Lyte, please visit or Innovative Eyewear’s Registered Crowdfund.

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