Lumus And Luxexcel Demonstrate Reflective Waveguide Embedded In A Prescription Lens

Lumus and Luxexcel

Luxexcel, the technology leader for 3D printed prescription lenses and Lumus, the pioneering innovator of reflective waveguide displays for Augmented Reality (AR), have co-developed a demonstrator of an Augmented Reality prescription lens solution that enables OEMs to address users’ prescription requirements in their smart eyewear products and make the lens solution thin, durable, and to be worn like fashion eyewear lenses.

The demonstrator features Lumus reflective waveguides which are widely acknowledged as having the AR industry’s leading luminance efficiency which is ideally suited for outdoor usage, embedded by Luxexcel into a 3D printed prescription lens. The complete solution features a high-quality, clear image produced by the waveguide and viewed through the prescription lens.

“Lumus is thrilled to partner with Luxexcel, a real innovator in the optics space, on this proof of concept joining two distinct and complementary innovations that make AR glasses truly practical and ready for the consumer market,” said Dr. Eli Glikman, Chief Product Officer of Lumus. “Luxexcel’s focus on quality and scalability for their 3D printed prescription lenses make their solution a very promising path for integrating RX for our current 2D expansion reflective waveguides.”

This joint demonstrator features a prescription lens with embedded the Lumus Maximus. Specifications of the Lumus waveguide are 50° field-of-view, 2Kx2K resolution and an eyebox of 12x12mm, and brightness of more than 4,000 nit/Wled.

High-quality images are maintained because the waveguide remains completely flat during the 3D printing of the prescription lens, and print features such as air gaps can be added.

Guido Groet, Chief Strategy Officer at Luxexcel says, “Lumus is one of the waveguide technology leaders in the industry and their reflective waveguide technology is known for its great image quality and brightness. Given 75% of the world population, today requires vision correction, providing prescription lenses for augmented reality glasses is crucial. We’re proud of the contribution our partnership with Lumus is making to the smart eyewear industry where they provide the imaging technology, we add the prescription and make the full device thin, lightweight, and above all, fashionable”.

The key technologies provided by the partnership can be scaled and volume-produced to 3D print smart eyewear with users’ individualized prescription powers.

This module will be shown for the first time at SPIE AR VR MR where both companies will feature in a virtual Fireside chat to discuss their respective technologies. Prototype samples of the module will be available for customers in Q4 2022. Join Luxexcel on April 7th ,2022 SPIE.AR, VR, MR Fireside Chat

Luxexcel and Lumus will discuss: “The integration of prescription power, a waveguide, and a projector for true to life AR.”

Watch a preview of the module here:
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Fireside Chat Lumus and Luxexcel

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About Lumus

Lumus ( is an AR optics company that has developed the most important display technology the world has ever seen. Our company believes the future is looking up and is working with today’s leading augmented reality (AR) and smart eyewear manufacturers to free the world from the limitations of physical screen-based living. Lumus develops and produces exceptional transparent AR displays that fuse the digital and physical worlds like never before. Lumus reflective waveguide optics are the foundational technology on which top global OEM brands are basing their products. The company’s patented reflective waveguide optical technology enables true see-through performance and a wide field of view in the most natural-looking, sleek and compact design possible today. Lumus optics are in the market with leading brands such as Lenovo and with military aviation optics via our partnership with Thales Avionics, health care devices like the FDA approved Augmedics xvision, and industrial devices like Thirdeye’s X2 MR Glasses.


About Luxexcel

Luxexcel ( is the only technology provider that enables customers to 3D print prescription lenses. We have a unique understanding of the 3D printing technology and prescription eyewear market. Our expertise help lens designers and manufacturers to manufacture eyewear that combines prescription power and smart technologies. We do this with our unique patented 3D printing technology that embeds waveguides, electronics, sensors, and films inside the lens and prints prescription power on or around it. The smart technology is fully encased in the lens material as we print. Luxexcel lenses are durable and thin and look like conventional eyewear. We offer our technology as part of a complete 3D printing volume manufacturing platform, which includes a printer, materials, and software, for both traditional, as well as for smart eyewear.  

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