Lumus Presents the Future of AR Glasses for the Consumer Market

Lumus Ltd., a leading developer of augmented reality (AR) transparent wearable displays, announced its latest steps toward providing AR glasses specifically designed for the approaching consumer market. The Lumus team at CES 2019 showcased a newly-reconfigured version of its Sleek display prototype, featuring a slimmer, effortless design that is even more aesthetically pleasing for consumers, along with its Vision product, which has been enhanced with an immersive 50-degree field of view.

The upgraded Sleek prototype combines a wide field of view, daylight readability, and unmatched see-through performance with the visually appealing style consumers demand, while the new Vision development kit enables full peripheral vision and 1080 resolution in smart eyewear adjustable to any user’s head.

“We reconfigured the design of our optical engine technology to reflect the consumer need for slimmer and more “wear-able AR glasses” Lumus CEO Ari Grobman says. “When the consumer market arrives in a couple years, we’ll be poised to lead the way in serving major segments of the consumer market with exceptional display technology for a broad range of AR eyewear.”

Lumus has been developing and delivering transparent near-eye displays based on patented reflective waveguide technology for more than a decade. Inside smart eyewear, Lumus AR display technology powers see-through performance, a wide field of view, and daylight readability in discreet, natural-looking glasses. Recently industry influencers Karl Guttag and Robert Scoble had the opportunity to compare Lumus display technology against the ‘giants’ in the industry and both overwhelmingly and both publicly acknowledged Lumus optics superiority over the diffractive waveguide competitors.


About Lumus
Lumus ( believes the future is looking up, and is working with today’s leading augmented reality (AR) and smart eyewear manufacturers to free the world from the limitations of screen-based living. Lumus develops and produces exceptional transparent AR displays that fuse digital and physical worlds like never before. Lumus optics are the core foundational technology on which top global OEM brands are basing their products. The company’s patented LOE optical technology enable true see-through performance and a wide field of view in the most natural-looking, sleek and compact design possible today. Lumus optics are battle tested with military aviation, health care, and logistics among the industries utilizing the company’s optical engines.

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