Lunor Expands M9 Collection

To each their own. When choosing the perfect spectacle frame, one’s own individual taste is the decisive factor. It is crucial that the shape and color of the frame match one’s own type – and in the best case highlight the eye color or the skin tone of their wearer. The glasses manufacturer Lunor has been relying on variety for a long time and therefore has expanded the successful metal collection M9 by four new metal shades to offer even more choice and flexibility.

M9 01 RGs Material: Titanium Color: Satin Rose Gold

The models of the M9 collection are designed minimalist and timeless. The shape of the frame appears to be drawn in a single line: Produced in pure titanium, everything unnecessary has been dropped. Just the important details such as the comfortably flexible titanium pads and ergonomically shaped side pieces can still be found in all six shapes.

M9 02 AG Material: Titanium Color: Antique Gold

It’s all about the nuances

The M9 collection is available in six different shapes. Lunor has given four of these six shapes – panto, anatomic, round, and square – new metal nuances in antique and satin look: These frames will also be available in antique gold, antique silver, satin rose gold and satin black from now on. Silver nuances match cool skin tones well, gold shades make warm skin tones shine. The new satin rose gold shade suits them both. Those who prefer a more prominent look choose the satin black model.

M9 04 SWs Material: Titanium Color: Satin Black

About Lunor

Lunor AG is appreciated by spectacles aficionados as a manufacturer of quality. In this, understatement not only characterizes the design of the brand but is also the unspoken mission statement of the company. As a highly specialized glasses manufacturer with an extensive range, Lunor has been producing German-made vintage glasses for over 25 years, gaining international appreciation in the process.

Stars such as Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, Meg Ryan and Uma Thurman have all been seen in their Lunor glasses. Apple founder Steve Jobs was also a big fan of the German premium brand. The rimless glasses that he wore without fail for 14 years originated with Lunor, advancing from a niche model to achieve cult status.

The collection also includes antique-looking metal rims, titanium frames, sunglasses and a broad range of acetate frames in retro design. The creation of each frame requires up to 200 individual steps. This attention to detail is appreciated worldwide. Markets with the strongest sales include the US, South Korea, France, and Japan. Further information can be found at or at the contact details below.

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