Lush Lenses for Beer Appreciation Day

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Looking for a reason to pop open a bottle of bubbly after New Year’s Eve has passed? How about a frothy hoppy beer on Beer Appreciation Day? Celebrated on January 24th, this holiday pairs well with some unique and creative eyewear designs.


How stoked “wood” you be to receive this crafty gift featuring Widmer Brothers beer and Shwood Handcrafted sunglasses.  These charming wooden frames come with a leather bound case and of course a trusty and rustic key chain bottle opener for the Portland brewed Skipsaw Upheaval IPA.  This is the perfect gift for the beer geek with a hip sense of style.

Heineken GLCO

Did January 24th just pop up to quick for you to get your celebratory libations and eyewear creations in order?  By the time your New Year’s resolutions have absolved you can celebrate New Beers eve on April 7th with these Garrett Leight x Heinken 100 frames.  Heineken is a favored brand around the world, and these mod black sunnies have a timeless look that you can wear beer after beer.  The Kinney acetate frames are complete with the green toned zero based lenses.  We are so stewed to see this was Garret Leight California Optical’s final project of 2014.

Limited Edition ‘Beer’ Eyewear To Be Sold In Japan
Limited Edition ‘Beer’ Eyewear To Be Sold In Japan

Need a few more days a year to get your beer on? International Beer Day is falls on August 7th and we think that’s a fine time to explore some beers from around the world.  Perhaps some Japanese rice lagers to go with these Limited Edition Beer eyeglasses that will be sold in Japan.  Exotic, fun, and just a bit intoxicating are these “double-vision” looking lenses.  These unique glasses would also fair well for National Drink Beer Day is September 28, 2015.  Lest we not forget October Fest is the whole month of October.  We hope you’ve seen a whole new meaning to the word “beer goggles”.


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