Made In USA Aarn Plastic Eyewear

For a country as big as the United States there are very few eyewear manufacturers. Most of the MADE in USA eyewear is from small companies like Aarn Plastic. Established in 2012, by Aaron Panone, the eyewear is made with Italian cellulose acetate and Mazzucchelli Zyl. Because much of the zyl is vintage, production can be limited to a few limited editions.

A notched top bar over the bridge, a gentle sloping nose pad, make this timeless eyewear collection unique.


The styles are handcrafted in the workshop in New York, primarily by one person. Available online and invitation only.


aarn-plastic Model10-
Model 10

The styling is retro, heritage and is made to order. More information is available at Aarn Plastics

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