Maison Nathalie Blanc Presents Its 2022 Collection


Designer Nathalie Blanc unveils the first lines of her collection and invites us to delve into her childhood memories. 2022 will be marked by 2 new collections inspired by the 1960s. In 2022, Maison Nathalie Blanc highlights the modernity of the 60s by imagining a collection in 2 chapters. After this long period of uncertainty, those new arrivals resonate as a calling to boldness and excitement and bring back the energy from the 1960s.

Maison Nathalie Blanc Pierre
Nathalie Blanc Pierre


Maison Nathalie Blanc Eyewear 2022This spring, the designer unveils the first chapter, an autobiographical journey around
designs with #AGELESS shapes, associating Vintage with Trendy, breaking the standards,
and working the material and #SPACE as a designer of the time. The designer has fun
breaking codes and offers mixed models like the switchable cloakrooms of that time.

Nathalie Blanc Sunglasses 2022
The acetate frames take up the controlled and vertiginous curves of the glasses of our first
icons, our mothers, with such natural elegance.

Nathalie Blanc Sunglasses

Finally, discover CLARA, the flagship frame of the collection from the beginning of this
new year at Nathalie Blanc Paris. This frame worked in a 10mm plate is a real challenge of sculpture combining thickness and deforcing technique.

Nathalie Blanc Clara
Nathalie Blanc Clara

Clara uses a motto from the 1960s and states that “anything is possible” both in terms of
colors and materials.

In a nutshell, this new collection is an ode to optimism and freedom. See the entire Nathalie Blanc collection of eyewear on their website

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