Opportunities with Make Up Glasses


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One of the reasons I hardly wear make up anymore, is because I can’t see to put it on. Even though it’s a great excuse not to buy makeup (saving money and the environment) there are times that it is really needed! (in a survey, 64 per cent of directors said that women who wore make-up look more professional and 18 per cent of directors said that women who do not wear make-up “look like they can’t be bothered to make an effort”.) 

My choices- buy a pair of 1/2 eyes and put in bathroom (NO) buy a magnifying mirror (good option) get contacts (NO) or get a pair of make up glasses. (GREAT OPTION) Make up Glasses can be transported v.s carrying around a magnifying mirror. Make up Glasses can be made for me with my prescription. Make- up Glasses will help prevent me from poking my eyes out! 

Do you offer this viable and important accessory to your female patients? Is this an opportunity for an add on sale, convenience to your patients? A way to overcome managed care? A way to get some of those Internet Shoppers to buy from you? If you do offer, is it predominately displayed? 

If you think that women are not buying makeup glasses- plug in makeup glasses and see how many options come up. Businesses would not be offering make up glasses if there was no market. Check out these suppliers and ebay if you doubt my word!   


Eye Boggler

  • 30 Million Women over age of 40 have trouble applying makeup.

Where to Find from your Optical Vendors 


How to Wear Makeup under Glasses- (Oprah)