MALET Announces 10th Anniversary Partnership With JF Rey

Malet Ottica Moderna - Maison Jean François Rey

On their 10th anniversary of renewal, Malet Ottica Moderna is announcing the launch of the partnership with Maison Jean François Rey. The commemorative project and the choice to realize this partnership is due to a long and solid working relationship but is also due to great respect and love towards this company.

Malet Ottica Moderna comes from a long-established familiar tradition in this field since 1961 when Bruno Malet founded his first optical boutique in Pagani (SA). In 2011, on the 50th anniversary from its first foundation, the third generation of optical experts is renewed thanks to his grandson Antonio, who brings a new point of view to this business, aiming for choosing design firms and establishing an independent optical center.

The idea of establishing these roots in an independent manner is reinforced with great pride in the partnership with Jean François Rey. Especially, the project is based on the customization of the Brooklyn model, already existing in the 1985 collection.

The glasses, made of acetate, in glossy black and in a limited edition of 25 pieces are available both in sunglasses and prescription glasses editions. Inside the right temple there is a customized engraving “JEAN FRANÇOIS REY POUR MALET 10”, which is also mentioned on the external packaging.

Malet Ottica Moderna  JF Rey

With geometric and clearly-defined lines of its shapes, everyone can appreciate the minimalistic design and an emphasized vintage silhouette that, undoubtedly, makes these glasses timeless and suitable for all ages.

Moreover, together with the realization of these glasses, they took care of customization of packaging, which includes an external box, illustrated glasses cleaning wipe, dedicated to Monsieur Jean François, and a greeting message written by Mr. Rey himself, as proof of their long relationship.

Jean François during the last SILMO

The capsule collection, created with his collaboration, will be intended for sale and available starting from December 16th 2021 in their store in Trento road, Pagani (SA), on their website  as well as on social networks.

The “10th-anniversary” project does not end here. An exclusive and special surprise has been realized for our most loyal customers, undertaking another partnership, “Cante für MALET 10”, with another young German designer, Cantemir Gheorghiu, Cante Berlin, which is a modern and avant-garde company, known for creating glasses 100%  eco-friendly made of cellulose wood fibre (FSC- Certification Germany).

Cantemir Gheorghiu, Cante Berlin

The choice of adding this second project arises from the need of rewarding our most loyal customers, who have supported Malet Ottica Moderna right from the start.

Malet Ottica Moderna has created a box in recycled material, which will include: glasses realized by “Cante Berlin” made of wood fiber, with high-quality leather zippers, waterproof and with polarized UV 400 filters, customized with the engraving ““Cante für MALET 10”, available in two models (poet e horizon), with a unique color (petrol blue), a recycled leather case produced in German factories, engraved with the logo “10”, a customized t-shirt with the number “10” printed on the front part and “Malet 10th Anniversary limited edition 16.12.2021” on the back. In the end, 3 handmade pins with the logo of the 10th Anniversary.

Check out the entire line on the Malet Ottica Moderna website.

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