Mammoth Tusk Eyewear Handmade In Siberia

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I am in love with the Mammoth eyewear with Schrimshaw details made with Mammoth Ivory and Buffalo horn. Think about it, this material is over 120, ooo years old. No real name either except Mammoth Bufalo, Can’t find the website, they are on Facebook.

Mammoth Eyewear Made in Siberia
Mammoth Tusk and Buffalo Horn
Carved Schrimshaw on Temples

Perfect, Mammoth on Ice
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  1. I know the people doing this line and the real word is that its NOT 120,000 year old mammoth but in fact, elephant tusk from poached animals in Asia.

    Do you know how rare 120,000 year old mammoth is?

    Don’t support the killing of elephants. That is what this is.


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