Manalys x Lunetier Ludovic

Manalys x Lunetier Ludovic

When two Houses, where excellence is embodied, meet and seek a point of convergence in their work, sometimes an unprecedented object comes to life. Ludovic Elens, the eponymous eyewear craftsman, and Moïse Mann, the jeweler from Manalys, were destined to meet. The reputation of these two exceptional artisans is well-established, and both uphold excellence, tradition, craftsmanship, quality, and, occasionally, a touch of audacity that sets them apart and allows them to step out of their comfort zone in their respective fields. This is undoubtedly what led them to envision an object that perfectly combines each of their talents. A resolutely jeweler-inspired pair of glasses. An unprecedented piece named “High Line” will appeal to both lovers of beautiful frames and aficionados of jewelry art.

Everything starts with the drawing, an essential step that allows the team to analyze the proportions, imagine the perfect shape, and already understand the placement of the setting. Next come the first prototypes in acetate, which allow them to visualize the piece in three dimensions.

The two artisans speak the same language and adapt to each other’s technical requirements. The weight of the object is one of the essential aspects to control; the pair of glasses must be comfortable to wear.

Then comes the choice of material. For eyewear craftsman Ludovic, it is necessary to prioritize an authentic material that will perfectly complement the precious stones selected by Manalys. They chose domestic Indian buffalo horn for this purpose. They had to find the best ways to combine it with the metal required by the jeweler. But these are well-kept secrets!

A frame made with 16 hands. Everything was of course made in the Brussels workshops of Lunetier Ludovic and Manalys. It took over six months to finalize the piece. A meticulous work that was carefully thought out down to the smallest detail! If Ludovic Elens and Moïse Mann had the idea and evolved it, eight other artisans from their respective teams contributed their expertise to this exceptional piece, both in its creation and realization.

This unique piece of art and craftsmanship is valued at 39.000,00 euro.

Manalys x Lunetier Ludovic frame

A first edition for men. “When creating an object, one naturally thinks of a client, someone who can be imagined wearing it. In fact, we conducted virtual tests by placing the pair of glasses on different faces. Unlike other artistic professions, we are fortunate to be in contact with the end customer. We will know who has acquired it and will wear it,” says Moïse Mann. This time, the piece was created for a man. A true signature for the one who will have the pleasure of owning it.”

An infinitely customizable idea. While this first unique piece is very geometric and structured, the two Houses are already envisioning a thousand and one territories to explore. Why not create a more organic piece? It’s just one of the many possibilities. Ludovic also speaks of wood: “As eyewear artisans, we work with different materials. Our part is the object, it can be made of wood, solid gold, tortoiseshell, etc.” Moïse is already imagining other designs: “This time, we chose diamonds, but the next time, at the request of a customer, we could focus on…”

• This pair of sunglasses, “High Line,” was crafted from domestic Indian water buffalo horn.
• The premium lenses are tinted in 75% grey (category 4) with an anti-reflective coating on the inner base of the lens.
• This frame can be adapted with optical corrective or sun lenses.
• Components:
– 32g of white gold (18K)
– 206 brilliant-cut diamonds with a total weight of 3.37 carats.
• Price: € 39.000,00 (43,000 US)

Manalys x Lunetier Ludovic

About Lunetier Luduvic

Lunetier Ludovic was established in 2015 by Ludovic Elens, an artisan eyewear maker producing custom-made/bespoke glasses at the Sablon in Brussels, Belgium. Each unique piece is designed and crafted on-site at the workshop. Ludovic Elens opts exclusively for authentic materials such as cellulose acetate, buffalo horn, wood, solid gold, and even tortoiseshell. The personalization is therefore endless.

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