March 1 is Employee Appreciation Day

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The number #1 employee motivation is recognition and since 1995 Employees now have their own Recognition Day. Recognition creates memories long after the bills are employee appreciation daypair and those memories create higher performance and motivation. When I read that 71% of employees are disengaged from their jobs..that is just scary, because if your employees are not engaged and happy with their jobs.. why would anyone buy from you. they may as well shop at Warby Parker, who’s customer service people are engaged.

Eye Bogglers; 

  • 64% of Americans who leave their jobs say it is because they didn’t feel appreciated.
Top  14 Ways To Reward Employees
  1. Set up a lunch with your employees, close the office.
  2. Have a Raffle with a Spa Day, in fact reward all employees with a massage.
  3. Give Gift certificates to movie theaters, restaurants or even a favorite shop.
  4. Coupons for Yoga, Golf, Dancing lessons
  5. Use a pair of old eyeglasses and make a ‘Coupon Redeem Book’ –  They can be used for leaving work early, parking, 2 hours lunches, even attendance at trade show.s
  6. Make a certificate that honors them.
  7. Send a personal message to let them know they are appreciated.
  8. Purchase a company ‘toy’ they would enjoy.
  9. Offer ‘  Gym memberships’ to employee.
  10. Plan a surprise Event.. have cookies or flowers delivered.
  11. Have each employee give kudos to other employees,  post the kudos on the wall.
  12. Give employee’s the afternoon off with pay.
  13. Offer to have a social – happy hour after work.
  14. Call it in.. have a manicurist come into the office for free mani-pedis .