Marketing For National Wedding Month: Hipster Weddings

Febuary is National Wedding Month and the big trend in weddings are Hipster Weddings. Hipster Weddings are a bit different than the traditional walk down the aisle in a white dress. Artsy, Bohemian, Free spirited and Personalized are the words to that special day.

Emma + Richard by John Hope Photography
Image Credit: Emma + Richard by John Hope Photographydescribe the Special Day. How do you know you are at a Hipster Wedding?
  • The Invites: No more expensive white engraved invites. Now with software, you can design your own personalized invite.
  • The Ceremony- Hipsters like the Retro, Rustic and Rural. In a barn, in a cornfield or in a park.  The down home feel is a must. Think Flower Child and Hippies. Another option and a new trend, weddings at Starbucks.
  • Reuse, Recycle: Hipsters are sustainable. Forget paper, blackboards are the key to guide you where to go.
  • Fashion- Vintage wedding rings, Flowers in the hair, loose bohemian style clothing.
  • Food- Local all the way  and drinks are served in low cost containers such as mason jars.
  • The Photographs- Who needs to hire an expensive photographer. Use your cell phone, do a vimeo live stream video. It is all about Instagram, Tweets and Snapchart. Yes, your memories will never go away via the Internet.
  • Want to know what type of wedding you will be attending? Check out the brides Pinterest board.
  • Hipsters are using Crowd-sourcing to fund their wedding and or honeymoon.

2013 Wedding Statistics: Source: The Knot 

  • Average Wedding Cost: $29,858 (excludes honeymoon)
  • Popular Wedding Colors: Blue (35%), Purple (26%), Pink (25%), Metallics (25%)
  • Most Popular Month to Get Married: June and September (15% each)
  • Couples are concentrating on creating an experience for guests. Not only did spend per guest increase to $220, up nearly $26 per guest from 2009 when couples spent $194 per guest, but guest entertainment continues to gain popularity
  •  Weddings are the ultimate form of self-expression. The trend in weddings for many years has been to create a personalized experience, where the couples’ personalities are evident in many areas of the wedding.

Brides can wear glasses on their wedding day. *1,200,000+ hits on google)  In true hipster fashion, wearing and giving eyewear or sunwear is not unusual. In fact, there are many ways that eyewear and accessories can be used for weddings:

  • Brides put ‘Eyeglasses and Sunglasses on their wedding gift list.
  • Brides and Grooms give eyeglasses or Sunglasses as a bridesmaid gift.
  • Brides and Grooms offer a Wedding Favor’s various eyeglass accessories. MicroFiber Cloths to wipe lenses that are fogged up with tears. Anti Fog sprays for lenses. Eyeglass Retainers make great gifts.
  • Offer eyeglass Cookie Cutters that they can offer for wedding favors.  On Amazon: R&M Sunglasses 3.5″ Cookie Cutter in Durable, Economical, Tinplated Steel

Marketing to the Hipster Crowd: 

  • Make a special merchandising section with a Label #Hipster #Weddings. Using beaded eyeglass retainers (so 60’s) drape around a mason jar which holds #Hipster#Sunglasses.
  • Via email or Social Media, let your patients know you have Wedding Gifts in your office. Put up images of Brides Wearing Glasses. (google eyeglasses, weddings, sunglasses, weddings)
  • Offer a ‘personalized’ Bride and Groom pair of sunglasses. Write Bride and Groom and the temples.
  • Make up special Gift Cards for Brides and Grooms. Put in the display.
  • Know Your Hashtags: #Hipster #Wedding #Gifts, #Hipster #Swag

The idea of course is to plant the seed, that you too are a viable option for weddings. Any other ideas?