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National Women Road Warrior Day is September 22. Road Warriors are classified as people who travel via plane, train or automobile extensively on business. Road Warriors are experts on airports, hotels and restaurants, since that is where they live  Many people glamorize the lifestyle, but as an ex-Road Warrior (30 years and 100,000/ miles year) whenever I see those ‘Platinum ID Tags.. I feel for them, Been there, done that.

It is not a romantic life. Weight Gain, Jet Lag, Dry Skin and Sleep Deprivation are just some of the great road warrior perks. Your life…you get home on a Thurs-Friday nite, you spend the next 2-3 days, paying bills, doing laundry, finishing up email, unpacking, re-packing, cleaning, shopping.. and more if you have a significant other or kids. Add in any type of social life. It is easier now. I used to travel when there was NO cell phones.

50% of the Road Warriors today are women. No offense to men, but we women have special needs. Aside from cosmetics we have sanity needs, we wear stockings (snags and runs), we wear heels, hair curlers, nail polish. Even some of our garments are unique from men (bras and exercise support) There you have have it.

Eyecare professionals have a unique opportunity to help ease the way for women in the road warrior arena.  While traveling is much better for women today, (I don’t even want to tell you the things that went on 35 years ago as a young, single road warrior) there are many items that women need that hotels do NOT always provide.

1.) First, a large magnifying mirror. If you do not wear contacts and need glasses, you cannot put on your makeup. I now have a Make Up pair of glasses via Rons Optical

Make Up Eyeglasses via Rons Optical
Make Up Eyeglasses via Rons Optical

2.) A place to put our little stuff. Large Eyeglass cases work perfectly for make up, kleenex, sewing kits, microfiber clothes, repair kits, combs, mini tooth brushes and toothpaste

3.) Eyeglass Repair Kit: The kind with the mini screwdriver and screws.

4.) Extra Contact Lens solutions and case with contact lens.

5.) MicroFiber Cleaning cloths for Digital devices as well as back up glasses. I love the clip on option, it won’t get lost in the purse/briefcase or backpack. I have one of these on my permanent exhibitor badge. works perfectly.

Microfiber clip on option by Hilco
Microfiber clip on option by Hilco

6.) Extra sunglasses or try an Interchangeable Lens options such as  SwitchVision– or a Fitovers by Jonathan Paul which fit over the glasses.

Fitters by Jonathan Paul Eyewear. Style Binya
Fitters by Jonathan Paul Eyewear. Style Binya

7.) This ‘visor’ takes up no room and is easy to attach to eyewear. You go to places like Texas or Colorado, one minute it snowing and the next is is 86 degrees.

Vizini Visor via Rons Optical
Vizini Visor via Rons Optical

8.) Leashes, Retainers and cords. These cords can be used as shoe laces in a pinch (I have done that) hair bands, bracelets and necklaces. You never know where you might land up.. also good to have a product that has dual purposes.

9.) Vitamins- Flying makes for dry skin and very dry eyes.

10.) No trip is complete without a Sleep Mask, but this newer Dry Eye Therapy Mask for sleeping and eye hydration might really work. (Hilco)

Bruder MediBead Eye Hydration via Hilco and Theralife
Bruder MediBead Eye Hydration via Hilco and Theralife

11.) Plastic magnifying glass or readers.

Promoting To Women

American Airlines has a yearly Road Warrior Contest in which Road Warriors write in their stories and they pick a winner. You could do the same thing, instead of trips to Paris, you might offer a $500 Gift Certificate or Dinner or a Spa Day for your patients to share their stories on how they keep their spirits and health up on the road.

Have patients share their favorite Road Trip Story.. (Think National Lampoon Vacations, Little Miss Sunshine, Hangover, I, II, Guilt Trip, Easy Rider)

Put together a Store Within a Store concept in either a large or small area with any of the above mentioned products and

For those who are are going on a trip the below is a list of packing recommendations from Travel Experts:

  1. Extra medications in case your flight is delayed (Medications must be in original bottles, not replacement bottles or plastic zipper bags.)
  2. A list of your medications:
  3. Travel-size toiletries in 7.5″ x 8″ plastic zipper bag (3-ounce bottles or smaller) for carry on.
  4. Travel clothesline- I carry dental floss and clothes pins not the clothesline, extra long shoestrings work just a well.
  5. Roll or partial roll of toilet paper, toilet seat covers. This is a definite must for those times you are delayed either on the plane or in an airport.
  6. Travel-pack tissues- Handi-wipes. Note Handi-Wipes should not go down toilets. (Put in Eyeglass Case)
  7. Band aids, safety pins, small first aid kit. (Can put in eyeglass case)
  8. Hand Sanitizer (Depends on where you are going) For carry on, see size options. Can put in eyeglass case
  9. Mints/ gum or if carrying on keep toothbrush and toothpaste handy.
  10. Adapter(s) electrical, rechargeable batteries you need for ipods, cellphone and laptops, cameras, hearing aids batteries if applicable,
  11. Curling iron if applicable.
  12. Paper pad for notes, pens, pencils, paper clips, rubber bands.
  13. Business cards
  14. Copy of your eyeglasses or contact lens prescription, passport, travel info and copy of credit cards.
  15. Small roll of plastic tape to repair a ripped luggage- I have a 1/2 roll of duct tape, you can’t miss, but only when I am going out of the country.
  16. Large plastic zipper bags, and reusable bags are great as well.
  17. Sleep Mask

Where To Get

  • Hilco- Lens cloths, readers, cleaners, eyeglass retainers, screwdrivers, magnifiers, sunclips, dry eye, sleeping mask, Bruden Dry Eye therapy.
  • Rons Optical- Contact Lens cases, magnifiers, eyeglass holders, repair kits, make up eyewear, visors.
  • Switchvision interchangeable lenses eyewear.
  • Jonathan Paul Eyewear, Fitovers
  • Both Theralife and Biosyntrx offer neutraceuticals to help combat Dry Eyes.

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