Marketing Monday – Blackfin – To The Roots Campaign Video

Blackfin - To The Roots Campaign

In order to lend meaning to what we are today, we need to look back, all the way to the roots of Blackfin, and start from there to understand the journey that has brought us thus far. It is a powerful realization, more necessary today than ever before, an awareness that adds purpose to the quest for identity and responsibility that Blackfin undertook years ago, in which every action is taken based on a principle of integrity that, for the company, is summed up in the neomadeinitaly concept. In the video, the campaign’s shots come to life in the imaginative scenery of the Northern Lagoon of Venice.

TO THE ROOTS: only by returning to our essence, that is, only by digging deep into our origins can we gain full awareness of our own state of wholeness.

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Art Direction: anidride design – Nicola De Pellegrini
Copywriting: Simone Favero