Mensday Eyewear: The Futurist

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How do you see the future? From bicycling to recycling, you can affect the future by “going green” to preserve our planet! But did you know that you can also amp up your wardrobe with new, sustainable pieces? Men’s Health reports that the latest trend in men’s fashion is about doing the right thing for your look AND the environment.

Eco friendly fashions can not only protect the Earth’s outlook, they can serve as a great conversation starter all when you step into a room.  Shirts and shorts made from sustainable resources like bamboo and cotton, offer a soft feel and cool temperature — perfect for savoring those last sunny summer days. Go green at the office with ties and pocket squares created from salvaged designer materials, and convey an image of professional and social responsibility. If you’re feeling adventurous, try quirky accessories like shoes with soles made from recycled rubber, or a sporty watch made of renewable materials like organic cotton and corn resin.  Small changes can make a big difference in your style and an important impact for years to come.

Now, see the future from a different perspective with Marc Ecko Cut & Sew’s Futurist. This metal semi-rimless frame with a flat metal double bridge and end piece features unique venting details on its bold temples. Futurist is available in an array of earth tones including Black, Brown, and Pewter.

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