Merchandising With Spexy Beach Towels

I can tell you from experience, most people dream of a beach vacation, sunny isles, crystal clear waters, which is why using a few beach towels, sprinkled with sunglasses, sunscreen and some hats make for eye-catching displays. Roll them up, hang them or drape them, send your message, don’t forget the sunglasses. More ideas on Summer Eyewear Display, visit our Pinterest Board: Merchandising Spring Summer.

Black background with mirrored lenses reflecting palm trees. Available from Amazon; Sunglass Beach Towel Color: Orange

beach towel -1

This sunglass beach towel comes with matching bag. Available from Amazon:3C4G Sunglasses Towel Set

Beach Towel set

The Lolita Beach Towel: Available from Amazon Avanti Linen LOLITA SUNGLASSES BEACH TOWEL

beach-towel-lolitaPink Beach Towel with Flip Flops and Sunglasses; Available from Amazon: Superior Oversized Jacquard Beach Towel, Pink Sunglasses and Flip-Flops

beach towel sandals

Just in case you aren’t a beach person, here are the top 10 most visited beaches in the United States and the visitor count.

Top 10  Beaches in the United States 

1) Venice Beach, CA Annual Visitors: 16,000,000 Source: L.A. Beaches & Harbors

2) Miami Beach, FL Annual Visitors: 13,268,841Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

3) Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY Annual Visitors: 11,164,975. Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

4) Newport Beach, CA Annual Visitors: 9,446,850 Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

5) Daytona Beach, FL Annual Visitors: 8,000,000 Source: Daytona Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

6) Huntington Beach, CA Annual Visitors: 7,936,526 Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

7) Hollywood, FL Annual Visitors: 7,727,987 Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

8) Waikiki Beach, HI Annual Visitors: 7,535,000

9) Jones Beach, NY, Annual Visitors: 5,100,000 Source: NY State Parks Department

10) Brevard County, FL Annual Visitors: 4,776,993  Source: U.S. Lifesaving Association

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