Meta Acquires Luxexcel

Meta Acquires Luxexcel

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram has acquired the Dutch 3D printing lens company, Luxexcel for an undisclosed sum according to the Belgian newspaper De Tijd.

Luxexcel was founded in 2009 and is focused on 3D printing lenses for automotive, industrial optics, and the aerospace industry. Over the years Luxexcel shifted to using its 3D printing tech to create prescription lenses for the eyewear market and has exhibited at trade shows around the world like Vision Expo.

Luxexcel made its first entry into the smart eyewear market in 2020 by combining 3D-printed prescription lenses with the integration of technology. Last year Luxexcel partnered with UK-based waveguide company WaveOptics, which has since been acquired by Snapchat parent Snap.

Meta’s interest in Luxexcel reportedly stems from Luxexcel’s ability to print complex optics for both smart glasses and AR headsets.

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