Miga Studio Unveils Taisho Kaizen

Miga Studio, the trailblazer in avant-garde eyewear, disrupted the industry once again with the highly anticipated release of Taisho Kaizen for Spring Summer 2024. This new family, a stunning amalgamation of acetate and titanium, redefines precision craftsmanship in eyewear.

The Taisho Kaizen frames are born from a meticulous process of CNC-precision milling, introducing a unique interplay of shine and matte finish. This deliberate introduction of disruption, symbolizing innovation and evolution, elevates perfection, with the matte finishing and raw-cut milling reminiscent of architectural nuances, infusing a raw, authentic feel into each frame.

Miga Studio - Taisho Kaizen

What sets Taisho Kaizen apart is its commitment to intentional crafting, becoming the hallmark of precision craftsmanship. This disruptive approach, rooted in the Japanese philosophy of “Kaizen” – signifying good (zen) change (kai) and the spirit of innovation and evolution – showcases a dedication to elevating every detail, bringing forth a distinct character that speaks volumes in the world of fashion.

Employing a sculpting method to shape materials, the temple and front of each frame are extracted from a monoblock, a groundbreaking technique inspired by architectural principles. This innovation ensures a higher level of direction while preserving the lightweight essence that defines Miga Studio frames.

Miga Studio - Taisho Kaizen

Taisho Kaizen is more than eyewear; it’s an architectural masterpiece meticulously designed to make a bold statement. Always searching for new horizons, Miga Studio utilizes design creativity for new original effects, exemplifying our commitment to pushing the boundaries of eyewear design.


About Miga Studio

Miga Studio doesn’t just work with materials; it sculpts and molds them into extraordinary shapes. From the monoblock, Miga Studio extracts frames that defy convention, creating unique items that play with volumes and faceting. The interplay between the duality of materials is a testament to Miga Studio’s dedication to innovation, creating frames that are not just worn; they’re experienced.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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