Minamoto Original Japanese Eyewear Announces New Collection

Minamoto man A-Um Campaign

Minamoto: it’s the new name for original Japanese eyewear. This contemporary and elegant collection unites elements of Japanese culture and history with Japanese Zen philosophy.
The result? Premium titanium frames that are eye-catching and comfortable. Minamoto focuses on the essentials with no compromise on quality – so whilst the frame styles are minimalist, the frame feeling is maximum satisfaction.

The first Minamoto collections were a great success. Admirers were quick to respond to the authentic Japanese style, superior materials, and unique decorative details.
10 new looks merge Minamoto’s spirit with fresh design influences. The beauty of opposites is the key inspiration, derived from the Zen philosophy of a-um, meaning the beginning and ending of things. Nowadays, the meaning is loosely interpreted as the best combination of two opposite things. Volume interplays and material mixes bring this essence to life in striking titanium and acetate-titanium frames. Panto, geometric, and rounded models are individually named after a wise Zen word, enhancing their pure Japanese pedigree.

Beta titanium and bio acetate appear in this new collection, providing more flexibility and design versatility. As with all Minamoto frames, these new glasses are made of Japanese titanium, which is the highest quality level on the market. Another highlight is the sumi-nagashi pattern, which is featured on some acetate styles. Sumi-nagashi is one of the traditional techniques used for making Washi paper, to add peaceful expressions such as flowing rivers. Connoisseurs of the brand know that this special Washi paper is also used for the cases, which creates a beautiful connection.

As longevity is a key priority for Minamoto, the nose pads of all collections are made of raw titanium, which never requires replacement. To add a luxurious touch and to ensure that the frames blend in around the nose and the center of the face, the rose and gold frames of the third collection feature gold-plated nose pads. The new collection also benefits from an upgraded antique finish in colors gold and grey.

MN31024 – Kojitsu (unisex)

Minamoto MN31024

Every day is precious – let’s live it with a generous heart: that’s the heart of the Kojitsu model. This wire rim frame has a wide Panto profile. Temples are thin with a unique and intricate pattern. Sophisticated rose and antique gold as well as soft grey complete this light look.

MN31025 – Shouko (unisex)

Minamoto MN31025

Look inside yourself before evaluating those around you. This sage Zen guidance inspires the rim wire Shouko frame. The soft square front has a wide profile. Slender temples reveal an exclusive pattern. Available in gold plated, grey and antique gold, Shouko reflects inner wisdom and timeless elegance.

MN31026 – Chisoku (unisex)

Minamoto MN31026

Guided by Zen teaching to accept when enough is enough, the Chisoku frame embodies a serene feeling of contentment. The rounded and finely patterned Windsor rim is made of bio-acetate. A classic pattern adorns the end pieces. This cool neo-vintage look is gold plated, antique grey, or white.

MN31027 Byoujou (unisex)

Minamoto MN31027

Live each day with a truthful heart, free from distraction. That’s the Zen essence of the Byoujou style. Featuring a subtle patterned acetate Windsor rim, the geometric profile radiates charm. End pieces are unique thanks to an intricate classic pattern. Get this look in gold-plated, white, or antique gold.

MN31028 Denshin (unisex)

Minamoto MN31028

Speak through your heart and mind – there’s no need for words. Inspired by this soulful Zen insight, the Denshin panto frame gracefully combines acetate rims with a titanium nylor frame. Available in gold plated and white, the antique grey model displays a sumi-nagashi pattern on the rims.

MN31029 Kyunen (unisex)

Minamoto MN31029

Carve out your path with patience and persistence. That’s Zen counsel to reach your goals, and the spirit of the Kyunen model. This striking geometric look fuses acetate eye shape rings with a slender nylor frame. In gold plated and white, the rose gold model reveals a delightful sumi-nagashi pattern.

MN31030 Ryusui (unisex)

Minamoto MN31030

Go with the flow – like a gentle tide. These serene Zen words inspire Ryusui, a contemporary panto frame with acetate eye shape rings. This nylor-acetate style looks stunning in gold-plated, white and antique gold. Sumi-nagashi patterns on the white and gold-plated looks add more exclusivity.

MN31031 Shoshin (unisex)

Minamoto MN31031

Rekindle the flames of honesty and versatility. The stylish Shoshin panto frame channels this Zen philosophy for life fulfillment. Acetate rims in rich brown, grey, and demi brown are complemented by slender beta-titanium temples. A sumi-nagashi pattern adds a stylish twist to the grey model.

MN31032 Ichie (unisex)

Minamoto MN31032

Embrace sincerity, for every life encounter is unique. In the Ichie panto-shaped frame, you can keep that Zen vibe alive. The full front is made of bio acetate in brown, grey, or antique dark brown. Elaborate etchings decorate the slender titanium temples. Sumi-nagashi details on the grey model enhance exclusivity.

MN31033 Waganse (unisex)

Minamoto MN31033

Smile and the whole world smiles with you. The Waganse panto frame is led by this uplifting Zen insight. Acetate rims in marbled grey, brown or Havana stand out alongside the slender titanium temples. Engravings adorn the sides and there’s a sumi-nagashi pattern on brown and grey models.

The new Minamoto collection is brought to vivid life in a striking new image campaign. The Zen word a-um, as the collection’s design inspiration, forms the heart of this campaign. Each image expresses the beauty of opposites that is central to a-um: Asian and European models, contemporary fashion wear and traditional Japanese styles, and subtle open and closed-mouth poses that convey the typical a-um gesture.

Minamoto campaign imaage 2024 - woman wearing eyeglasses

About Minamoto

Minamoto means ‘origin‘ in Japanese. Sabae, located in the Fukui prefecture, is the birthplace of the Japanese eyewear industry and also Minamoto’s origin. A long tradition of craftsmanship is kept alive in the prefecture, from lacquerware to the manufacture of washi paper and eyewear production. Every pair of Minamoto’s glasses embodies this history and translates it into our time using the best of modern craftsmanship.

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