Mix and Match Eyewear With LOKII

Finding the perfect pair of glasses that would not only provide protection to the eyes but also complement one’s look, personality, or even mood for the day can be a bit challenging. More often than not, a good, stylish pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses can easily pull a look together – and this is what LOKII wants its customers to experience with its eyewear.

With LOKII, eyewear becomes more than just an accessory. In a matter of seconds, its interchangeable glasses allow customers to mix and match their eyewear to their planned outfit for the day – making it a statement piece that goes well with whatever look a person wants to go for. “With LOKII, swap your style in 10 seconds,” says the team behind the eyewear brand. These glasses will also be launched in five wearable colors.

In total, customers will get three pairs of high-quality frames for the price of one little logo. “You shouldn’t be paying hundreds of dollars for eyewear that’s only differentiator is the logo,” their team adds. And in terms of functionality, LOKII eyewear has anti-blue light technology that “protects the eyes 24/7 by swapping UV400 sun lenses with blue light lenses that block 90% of harmful rays.” In fact, for every order of LOKII glasses, customers get to receive a free set of blue light lenses.

After three years of working with industry veterans to make sure its glasses are of the highest quality, LOKII has finally launched in Kickstarter, seeking the support of others to bring this project to life.

Find out how to support LOKII by visiting https://www.lokiiwear.com/.


LOKII is an eyewear brand that offers modular eyewear designed to be mixed and matched daily and to protect the eyes from harmful rays.

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