MODO Eyewear Introduces New 3D Lab Frames For Spring/Summer 2024

MODO SS 2024

MODO Eyewear, the industry leader in eyewear innovation, is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 collection, featuring the groundbreaking 3D Lab Collection. This collection showcases the perfect fusion of style and technology, with each frame incorporating a 3D-printed front joined to flexible Beta-titanium temples.

The 3D printing technology revolutionizes the eyewear industry by giving every frame in this collection a distinguished look and feel – and of course, the brand’s renowned lightness. MODO has taken a bold step forward in combining cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with impeccable design, providing customers with frames that stand out from the crowd while being barely noticeable on the face.

With the SS24 collection, MODO presents a new addition to the 3D lab selection. Frame Lagu is a striking 3D-printed hexagonal frame designed specifically for men. Lagu is available in the strong classic 3D Lab monochromatic colors, including Black, Raspberry, Orange, and Denim.


Another showstopper in the men’s styles is Ice, a 3D-printed aviator style. With a thin rim and an almost weightless feel, this frame perfectly blends form and function. The color options range from subtle Smoke or Petrol to expressive Bright Blue and Fluorescent Yellow, presenting customers with an opportunity to showcase their unique style.



About MODO

MODO has been a reference in the independent eyewear industry since 1990 with offices in New York, Milan and Stockholm and numerous awards Founded by Alessandro Lanaro, the company produces the MODO and ECO brands, which are distributed internationally in over eighty countries Design, innovation and corporate social responsibility are the Group’s core values in particular, MODO Eyewear believes in the concept of a sustainable company, making ethics a fundamental part of its mission With the initiative “Buy a Frame Help a Child See”, the MODO brand has helped more than 1 7 million children in India gain access to ophthalmic treatment and visual instruments, while the “One Frame, One Tree” project has enabled the ECO brand to plant more than 3 3 million trees and achieve the Carbon Negativity certification in 2023

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