Mondottica Group Joins Sedex

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Mondottica Group has become a Sedex member, joining the world-leading organization in its latest commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Mondottica is dedicated to being a responsible business, managing its operations and supply chain in a way that safeguards workers, communities, and the environment. Joining Sedex supports Mondottica’s established “Doing Good Business” program. This includes membership in the UN Global Compact and Investors In The Environment Bronze Certificate.

Sedex’s technology and services help companies such as Mondottica to source more responsibly. The platform and solutions provided empower companies with the practical tools, data analysis, and business insights needed to operate ethically, source sustainably, and work with suppliers to protect people and the environment.

Mondottica will use Sedex technology and data tools to collaborate with our supply chain in more detail, to better understand key ESG areas and indicators and drive positive impacts.

“We are delighted to reinforce our commitment to “Doing Good Business” through our Sedex membership and will continue to partner with our supply chain to make a positive impact” according to Tony Pessok, the CEO of Mondottica Group.

“Sedex is delighted to welcome Mondottica Group as a member. We welcome their commitment to responsible business, and look forward to supporting them to achieve their social and environmental sustainability goals” said Jon Hancock, the CEO of Sedex.

About Sedex

Sedex is a world leader in responsible sourcing and empowers companies to implement responsible business practices and policies in their business and supply chain to build responsible supply chains.

Sedex provides businesses with the tools, technology, and insights needed to operate ethically, source responsibly, and work with their suppliers to create fair working conditions for the people who make their products and services. Over 65,000 businesses use Sedex to manage business risk, meet compliance, and drive positive impacts for people and the environment. Visit our website for more information.

About Mondottica

Mondottica is in business to build a customer-focused international fashion eyewear company that is committed to making beautiful products. Through its collaborations and partnerships, Mondottica aims to bring Brand Partners’ vision to life through eyewear design, helping people to see. Mondottica’s Design philosophy marries both aesthetic appeal with flawless function, producing Eyewear that not only looks good, but feels comfortable, and improves quality of life.

Mondottica’s Eyewear reflects the DNA of its licensed brands and delivers products through multiple channels on a global scale. The organization and the partners Mondottica collaborate with make up a culturally diverse group that has a responsibility to not only be aware of the impact on People and the Planet but to take actions to reduce or remove any negative impact and create positive change for the future

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