Monoqool: Selling Success With The Danish Brand


Against a backdrop of economic uncertainty and tightening consumer spending, Danish eyewear innovator Monoqool proposes a ‘tried and tested’ formula for sales performance, the Icon Best Seller Concept. A carefully studied approach to frame selection supported by detailed sales data collected by the brand, the company says the ingenious yet simple formula cuts out unwanted risk and costly mistakes in the selection of frames.

“Our bestsellers often outsell an average selling frame by 600%,” says Allan Petersen, CEO, Monoqool. “Through the scheme we have devised, which is totally unique in the business, we advise opticians to put a selection of our best-selling styles on the shelves, in the most popular colors, to ‘supercharge’ their range. You could say that we help move the selection process into a more fact-based approach, rather than a purely emotional approach, and it works!”

Monoqool Aja
Monoqool Aja

Using the Icon Best Seller Concept is extremely straightforward and easy to operate with instant results. Monoqool provides a concept brochure and the current Top 50 Best-selling ‘frames’ list to the optician, and together with the local Monoqool rep, the optician can quickly be up and running with the system. “We have a 6-step program for opticians to follow, whether they are new to Monoqool or already selling the range,” says Petersen. “It’s easy and efficient – and definitely a win-win in a market where consumers are playing it safe.”

Monoqool Kingpin
Monoqool Kingpin

With a rather chilling outlook for the world economy, it is now more important than ever for the optician to make clever decisions about which brands to carry in their stores, and how to pick the most effective mix of frames. “Our concept is a no-brainer when it comes to guiding the retailer in the right direction,” explains Petersen. “This scheme will help them to become successful in working with our brand, and ultimately more profitable when it comes to overall sales.”

Monoqool  Zoo Station
Monoqool Zoo Station

Monoqool’s Icon Best Seller Concept is endorsed by opticians using the ‘formula’ across Europe. The top 50 bestselling frames at Monoqool represent a wide selection of easy shapes and a palette of colors including classics such as Black, Atlantic Blue, and Dark Aubergine interspersed with brighter tones such as Red. See the entire Monoqool line by visiting their website

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