Motivating Optical Staff-Lessons From Vision West

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I was by Vision West (Buying Group) the other day. Walking by customer service, I noticed the incredible amount of Staff Motivational and Inspirational messages all over the cubicles. You can do the same thing with your optical staff. 

Vision West Inspirational Message


Vision West Motivational Messages

Talk about a WOW Factor. In a buying group, 98% of what customer service has to deal with is MONEY! Money (one of the top causes of divorce) is such a highly personal, emotional and difficult issue to talk about. (Especially now) Jolinda Lampo, the Customer Service Manager, has come up with creative, low cost ways to keep her customer service staff motivated, happy and inspired- the ultimate result being better customer service.

If you have any questions on how she does it, what it costs, how does she come up with these ideas, feel free to call her at Vision West 1(800) 640-9485