MOVITRA For Spring/Summer 2022

MOVITRA Spring/Summer 2022

Milan eyewear label MOVITRA showcased their luxury metal/titanium/combo collection for SS2022 at MIDO’s DESIGN LAB earlier this month. Built with advanced technical construction and precision in fine details, the collection comprises 3 unique and innovative series of models, an evolution of the extraordinary technical capabilities of the Italian eyewear brand and its radical design achievements – based around a highly original, patented closing mechanism, and integrated for all models. Here are just a few of the models they showcased in Milan.


The supreme lightness of just 8 grams, and a design defined by technical wizardry using Aerospace 11R51, an austenitic high-strength stainless steel, the Ultralight unisex models by MOVITRA are characterized by extraordinary finesse, flexibility, and minimalist design. Among their particular features, the models in the Ultralight collection – Achille, Marcello, and Enzo – boast custom titanium nose pads with a snap-fit system and logo engraving, for an ideal fit and comfort on the face.

MOVITRA Marcello




The perfect pairing of Mazzucchelli custom double laminated cellulose acetate for the eye rim and temple end with stainless steel hardware and custom titanium nose pads, the unisex models Richard and Vico exhibit refinement and technical know-how beneath their minimal and sophisticated aesthetic.

In true Movitra style, where no detail is left unexplored, the frames have custom replaceable soft leather temples and end plates which lend a very chic finish with enhanced comfort where the temple fits behind the ear.



The Bruno and Aldo unisex sunglass styles have a unique and captivating character thanks to exceptional custom details throughout the construction. From the flat 3mm eye rim wire to temples milled exclusively from one solid piece, the elegant luxury aesthetic fuses with the extraordinary technical finesse and style. The frames have technical details in every section, including Torx screws, laser engravings and 2 base Nylon premium ZEISS® Lenses with backside anti-reflection treatment 100% UV protection.

Across its eyewear collections, MOVITRA rigorously starts from a functional need and arrives at the product by harmoniously combining the excellence of tradition and the courage of innovation, the two souls of Made in Italy.


MOVITRA (Milan) was founded in 2014 by three creative individuals and friends – Filippo Pagliacci, Giuseppe Pizzuto and Diego Ponzetto – when an intuitive idea for a completely new eyewear design with a revolutionary closing mechanism came to fruition. The system, which allows the frames to rotate, causing the temples to overlap on both sides of the lenses, protects them from scratches and accidental impact. Patented for the first time in 2016, the smart, one-of-a-kind design concept generated immediate attention from the press and the general public, industry professionals and consumers alike. Since its conception, the mechanism has evolved. Today it is an advanced laser welded system, with a reduced size and extraordinary versatility suited to all materials including metal and titanium.

MOVITRA eyewear conveys traditional, Italian style that is functional, visually appealing – with luxurious artisan finesse and an astute and compelling focus on high-tech, smart design. The name MOVITRA comes from two Latin words: movere meaning “to move” and vitra meaning “glass”, reflecting the concepts of motion and transformation in the design of the glasses. The brand ‘s tag line – 2 souls. 1 brand – is the expression of the MOVITRA world, its originality, versatility, competitive advantage, and its unique 2-sided personality where advanced technology meets elegance and refinement.

MOVITRA is based in Milan, Italy’s fashion capital and all its products are 100% made in Italy in the famous eyewear manufacturing districts of Varese and Belluno.

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