Multi-Layer Lens Technology

INVU ultra polarized Multi-layer lens technology

Polarized lenses offer consumers a superior visual experience versus non-polarized lenses. Therefore, consumer demand for polarized lenses is increasing, making polarized sunglasses the fastest growing segment in the industry. But not all polarized lenses are created equal. INVU ultra polarized lenses from Swiss Eyewear Group have been developed using unique multi-layer lens and coating technology.

Nine functional layers offer 99% polarizing efficiency, exceptional color enhancement and genuine UV 400 protection as well as state-of-the-art scratch and impact resistance. The result is an unrivalled visual experience for customers.  INVU sunglasses featuring the ultra polarized lens technology from Swiss Eyewear Group retail for between Euro 50 and 80 with optical retailers around the world.

For more information on the multi-layer lens technology from INVU, click here.

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