Music In Eyewear: Honoring The Day The Music Died

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February 3 is known as The Day The Music Died and immortalized by Don McClean’s song  ”American Pie’. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J. P. “The Big The day the music diedBopper” Richardson, and the pilot Roger Peterson were killed in an airplane accident while on tour.

I got to thinking about how musicians have played a big part in making eyewear an important image and fashion accessory. When you think of the following singers- what comes to mind? Their eyewear: John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Ray Charles, Elton John, Jerry Garcia, Roy Orbison, Weird Al Yankovich (pre-lasik) Elvis Costello, Lady Gaga, Kanye West ( Shutter Shades), Bono, Stevie Wonder,  Bootsie Collins, Lisa Loeb to name a few.

The Hip Hop culture re-introduced bling eyewear and it became a very important marketing statement, featuring such brands as Cazal and Locs. Over the years, many of those Trend-setting Hip-Hoppers introduced their own eyewear lines:  Argleculture by Russell Simmons (McGee), Pharrell Williams- Billionaire Boys Club Eyewear Collection, Sean John Eyewear Collection, Rocca Wear – Jay Z . Teamed with Colors In Optics, Phat Farm, Serious Pimp (Snoop Dogg), Forever Michael, Randy Jackson (Randy Jackson Eyewear by Zyloware), Justin Timberlake with William Rast.


With the growth of eyewear and the success of Hip Hop other Rock Stars  have entered the market: Britney Spears. Celine Dion, Danny Gokey (Match Eyewear) Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Hannah Montana, John Lennon, Lisa Loeb, Thalia, Tico Torres (Bono) Jose Feliciano and Beatles Eyewear (Revolution Eyewear)


There is even Music Magnifying Eyewear  , Eyewear made from Vinyl Records (Tipton and SpexWax) and eyewear that is based upon great musicians. (Black Eyewear) Some musicians such as Madonna, (D&G) James Hetfield (Sutro) E&E (Sahara HotNights) have partnered with eyewear companies to make limited edition sunglasses. John Varvatos put a guitar pick in his temples. Other eyewear features radio and music..


Over the years.. musical notes and themes have made an appearance in eyewear and fashion design. To see more visit our Pinterest Board on Music Motifs. 


Musical Note Sunglasses as worn by Marian Slater
Musical Note Sunglasses as worn by Marian Slater


Winifred Atwell and the Railton Road in Brixton.) Winifred Atwell. One of Britain’s biggest stars in the 1950s. Modelling Oliver Goldsmith’s sunglasses.


Oliver Goldsmith vintage 1960s music sunglasses

Music- Note-Oliver Goldsmith


Urban Spectacles Piano glasses

Piano Spectacles by Urban Spectacles
Piano Spectacles by Urban Spectacles


Piano Eyewear

Image credit unknown
Image credit unknown


Elton John Piano Glasses

Piano-Glasses- Elton-John

1960 Pierre Marley? Oliver Goldsmith? Anglo American? Musical Clef Eyewear



Jorge Rubalcava in Mercura Golden Glamour Sunglasses with Saxaphone



Violin Eyewear- Hong Kong Design Competition



Hong Kong 8th Annual Eyewear Design Contest Rock On Student Group Second runner-up : Rock On! Ki Chun Pong Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin)

Music-HKEeyewar Design


Karl Lagerfeld Guitar  Eyewear (2011)



Paul Smith Guitar Eyewear (2011)


To market Musical Motifs.. you can set up a separate area with musical signs or old instruments, albums, CDs.. to draw attention to your favorite artists. Some of our favs..

The Beatles Eyewear by Revolution Eyewear



Lisa Loeb Eyewear by Classique Eyewear


Argyleculture Eyewear by Russell Simmons and distributed McGee Group