My Eyelab Rebrands As Stanton Optical

Stanton Optical store

Now Optics is rebranding My Eyelab to its sister brand, Stanton Optical. This strategic rebranding underscores their commitment to modernizing eye care and delivering convenient, personalized, and seamless shopping experiences to today’s busy, value-conscious customers.

The decision to rebrand My Eyelab to Stanton Optical was a result of a recent Now Optics’ study on My Eyelab clientele’s changing needs, shopping behavior, and preferences. The study revealed that 82 percent of eye care consumers said getting glasses made in three days or less was one of the most valuable features when considering where to purchase eyewear. The research also highlighted that 74 percent of customers indicated receiving good value for their money was important when deciding where to purchase eyewear.

“What we discovered is post-pandemic eye care shoppers are adapting their buying behaviors to match shifting economic conditions,” said Lukana Justin, SVP of Marketing at Now Optics. “Eye care consumers are looking for options that stretch their dollar further, but do not want to compromise on receiving eyewear products faster. Stanton Optical – a retail brand that places a higher value on convenience and value – is a natural and stronger fit for today’s eye care customers.”

Stanton Optical, a brand with a longer tenure and established reputation, can deliver on all My Eyelab customer needs. It is known for delivering eyewear efficiently, making it the natural choice for this transition, a decision that aligns with Now Optics’ mission to Make Eye Care Easy. The decision to rebrand My Eyelab to Stanton Optical took place in May, with the first My Eyelab conversion taking place in Norfolk, Virginia, and the last market converting in Miami/Fort Lauderdale in November.

The transition from My Eyelab to Stanton Optical represents a step forward to provide high-quality eye care services that cater to the diverse needs of today’s customer. Key changes and improvements include:

  • Faster Service: Stanton Optical has the unique ability to fulfill a high percentage of orders on the same day, in as little as 30 minutes — made possible with new in-store labs. Even online customers can pick up their glasses in-store in an hour.
  • More Value: For $79, a patron can get two pairs of glasses, an eye exam, anti-glare/UV lenses, as well as same-day service. Compared to the industry average cost of $233, Stanton Optical can provide a lot more value to today’s value-conscious eyewear consumer.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Besides providing the best value and convenience at an affordable price, Stanton Optical is constantly working towards more personalized service both online and in-store. The brand combines its team of eyewear merchandising experts and eye healthcare professionals to help each shopper get all their eyecare needs met at one store.
  • More Locations: This brand transition creates a larger footprint, expanding the ability to serve eye care customers across the United States. Compared to 167 locations for My Eyelab, the transition will allow eyewear shoppers to use 277 Stanton Optical for all their eye care and eyewear needs.

The decision to convert corporate My Eyelab stores to Stanton Optical resonated strongly with current My Eyelab franchisees. The transition sparked a great enthusiasm to participate among franchisees, with 94 percent of all My Eyelab stores joining the Stanton Optical network in a record-breaking four-month timeline.

My Eyelab franchisees demonstrated an overwhelming consensus that having the ability to deliver glasses to customers on the spot would be a game changer for their store. The response is a testament to the strength of the Stanton Optical brand, as well as recognition that the brand is a stronger and more natural fit with today’s eye care and eyewear buyer’s needs.

“Thanks to our retail brand’s strength in numbers, compelling eye care services, and wide array of products, Stanton Optical is a force to be reckoned with in the eye care industry,” said Daniel Stanton, CEO of Now Optics. “We provide a shared vision and customer-centric approach, ensuring that patient interests are at the forefront of our operations. This is an essential message for the industry to understand: we are here to champion the interests of patients while providing a robust, independent, and entrepreneurial alternative.”

About Now Optics:

Now Optics is a leader in the eye care industry. Its retail brands, Stanton Optical and My Eyelab, are among the nation’s fastest-growing, full-service retail eye care centers. The company continues to expand its retail footprint with almost 300 corporate and franchise locations in 30 states while delivering affordable eye health and eyewear solutions. The company consistently ranks among the largest optical retailers in the country by Vision Monday. Visit or for more information.

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