Mykita And Maison Margiela 2019

Beginning their collaborative exchange in 2013, MYKITA and Maison Margiela connected over a shared idea of the creative process. MYKITA routinely goes beyond the confines of the eyewear industry setting new standards in design and manufacturing with artful products. Maison Margiela stands for iconoclastic fashion design. Both design houses are known for the reinterpretation of historical forms, a radical experimentation with constructions and an unconventional approach to materials.

Directional new eyewear design from MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA is featured in a product-focused still life campaign.

MMRAW014 Raw Black (Dark Grey Solid)

Monochromatic silver spaces with geometric structures shaped by light and shadow provide the backdrop for the new crop of eyewear pieces from MYKITA + MAISON MARGIELA. Inspired by the visual codes of Maison Margiela, the readymade steel sheets provide a consistent element that brings the respective design concept of each capsule collection together.

MMESSE23 Baywatch Red (Ultra Red Solid)

The heroic, product-focused imagery uses contrast and reflections to create a modern high-end aesthetic with a futuristic twist. Sleek surfaces accentuate individual eyewear silhouettes and constructions; the consistent silver-metallic background lifts and harmonizes with the different colorways.

MMCRAFT010 Shiny Black / Sand (Gloomy Grey)

The product campaign features key pieces from all capsule collections: ESSENTIAL, RAW, ECHO and CRAFT.


Maison Margiela is a French fashion house, founded in Paris in 1988 by Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Both masculine and feminine, oftentimes fusing the two genders, the House takes a cerebral approach to deconstructing, reinventing and redefining men’s and women’s wear silhouettes. Since 2012, Maison Margiela has held the official ‘Haute Couture’ appellation from the Féderation Française de la Couture for its collection entitled ‘Artisanal’. In 2014, British couturier John Galliano was appointed as the House’s Creative Director. Margiela’s uncompromising approach to its iconoclast heritage is cast through Galliano’s poetic vision of Haute Couture, marrying conceptualism with artistry, mystery with modern elegance.


MYKITA takes an independent approach to eyewear design and production, bringing together all departments under one roof to form the modern manufactory. At the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, the team sees the product through every stage, from conception to the shop floor. The unmistakeable MYKITA aesthetic demonstrates integrity towards materials and construction, as well as the individual artistry of the craftsmen. Headed by founder and creative director Moritz Krueger,  MYKITA is committed to a course at once enterprising and authentic. In addition to 14 own shops in cities across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Tokyo, MYKITA is available at selected optical and fashion stores in over 80 countries.

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