Myopia Profile Releases Multi-Language Educational Resources for Myopia Management

Managing Myopia Guidelines

Myopia Profile, the globally recognized clinical myopia management information center for eye care professionals (ECPs), announced it reached a significant milestone in its online Clinical Resources webpage. World-leading educational guides, including the Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographic and the Managing Myopia Patient Brochure, are now available in twenty languages, with several recent additions including Czech, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. These free-to-download resources support clinical communication and patient management through engaging infographics that help simplify myopia management in practice.

“Since starting Myopia Profile, our goal has been to provide free educational and practice resources to as many people as possible,” said Dr. Kate Gifford, co-founder of Myopia Profile. “Achieving twenty translations for these clinical support tools is significant, as it allows many more ECPs to confidently discuss myopia management options with their patients and provide them with take-home materials in their preferred language.”

The newly translated materials include:

Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics

These bolManaging Myopia Guidelines Infographicsd, engaging infographics serve as a chairside reference guide for ECPs, detailing myopia risk factors, prescribing guidelines, follow-up schedules, and success metrics. Additionally, they aid in communicating key topics to parents and patients, such as visual environmental advice, treatment options, the suitability of contact lenses for children, and the importance of myopia management.

Managing Myopia Patient Brochure

Managing Myopia Patient BrochureThis brochure offers advice on healthy outdoor and close work time, contact lens wear risks and benefits, myopia control options, and the importance of myopia management. It provides the take-home summary for parents and carers after utilizing the Infographics in-room, and features a QR code linking to for additional information.

“We extend a huge ‘thank you!’ to our colleagues worldwide for their generous efforts in supporting and verifying these translations. Together, we are enhancing access to important clinical resources to combat the growing global myopia pandemic,” said Dr. Gifford.

For more information and to download these free resources, visit

About Myopia Profile

From humble beginnings as a two-page PDF download, Myopia Profile has grown into a company fostering a thriving, engaged community of eye health professionals around the world, with millions of engagements across the web and social media platforms. It is the largest and most popular multi-channel professional educational resource dedicated to childhood myopia management and public awareness.

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