Nano Vista 3.0 Collection

Nano Vista 3.0

The Nano Vista collection has been redesigned for 2022. Nano Vista 3.0 remains light years ahead in children’s eyewear.  To ensure the best-fitting and most durable kid’s eyewear product in the world continues to raise the bar, we have made improvements to the design, look, and functionality of the product.

The new Nano Vista 3.0 design has been streamlined which improves the fit. For children, fit and comfort is everything!  We have kept the overall look of the frames which is what has made them so appealing to children and parents.  The Nano Vista product will always be full of fun and youthful colors and shapes.

The new 3.0 hinge is now made from the same patented SILIFLEX +TPE material as the frame but also allows for pantoscopic adjustment. The headband connector is longer and stronger and attaches more securely with better adjustability, fit, and function.

Nano Vista 3.0 has adapted the DIN EN ISO 8624 aka Boxing System.  This means the frame is now measured from inside the bevel adding about 2 mm which means the sizing has changed to one size larger. E.g.  Original Replay 42 plus 2mm is now Replay 44. The sizing is changed, not the actual frame or lens.

This design offers a more solid fusion between materials with a stronger mini strap attachment and a better temple to frame front alignment. The wider temple lays flatter and is more comfortable to wear.

Five new models have been added to the Nano Vista Collection, AIR FORCE, FALCON, FLICKER, JET, TOP GUN. Super sporty and fun with color and style and Nano Vista best in class durability.


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